A Trip To Hunza Valley (Video Clip)

A Trip To Hunza Valley Giligit Baltistan Pakistan in July, 2015

Video by Arsalan Asad

Road Trip to Hunza | Watch in HD | A compilation of videos from my road trip to Hunza. Made a few clips on the trip, thought of compiling it into one for all of you to see. The song I chose for this is, “Tora Bahraam Khaana” by Hamayoon Khan – Coke Studio Version. This video might appeal to the people who have been living abroad for years and miss their home, Pakistan. Many of you might have visited Hunza long time ago, and there will be some who haven’t had the chance to go there. If you visit Hunza, you will instantly fall in love with it, and I guarantee you, you wouldn’t want to come back. Enjoy the 7 minute trip to the North!

Hunza Trip Video (July 11-17, 2015)
Hunza Trip Video (July 11-17, 2015)

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