Ali Hiader Gillani Reached Multan – Addressed PPP Workers

Ali Hiader Gillani Reached Multan – Addressed PPP Workers

Multan (Breaking News / Tuesday, May 17th, 2016) – Today Mr. Ali Haider Gillani reached his home after three years and eight days. He touched his lovely home the “Gillani House”. He was accompanied with his father Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani, the former prime minister.

How many peoples welcome him?

Almost thousands of peoples welcome him. His special flight / plane landed at Multan International Airport at 06:00 PM. The procession reached Gillani House passing through Jameel Abad Chowk and Chungi No.1 Chowk.

Ali Hiader Gillani Address

Ali Hiader Gillani addresses the workers of Pakistan Peoples Paert at Gillani House on Gaus e Azam Road. He thanked all the persons who prayed for him.

Yousuf Raza Gillani Address

Ex. prime minister Mr. Yousuf raza Gillani also address at the occasion. He told that some peoples were saying that I have taken my son in my custody. While  some are telling that I had paid ransom of Rs.75,00,00,000 (75 Crore). Both are incorrect.


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