Ancient Building Near Tulamba City in District Khanewal

Ancient Building near Tulamba City in District Khanewal

At a distance of about 5 Km from the historical city Tulamba in Mouza Ghauspur Quraishian there is an ancient building like a fort. This fort like ancient building was built by Peer Allah Dad Qureshi in 1924 AD in an area of about 6 acre.

A mason Mr. Muhammad Ismail of Sialkot brought the map of this building and then after seeing this map the construction work started very soon. The construction work remained in progress for about 11 years and then in 1935 AD this building completed. At that time the wages for a mason was three anay while for a labourer was one aana. There are 37 rooms in this

The family of Peer Allah Dad Qureshi is still living in this building. The tourists came to see this
building off and on. A documentary film has also been made on this building while a German delegation also offered to purchase this building but the people living here denied selling it.

Tulamba City Location Map District Khanewal
Tulamba City Location Map District Khanewal

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