Bhakkar District Council & Municipal Committees Detail for LG System 2015

Bhakkar District Council & Municipal Committees Detail for Local Government System 2015

Bhakkar (Thursday, September 10, 2015) – Bhakkar is part of Sargodha Division, Which consist of 4 Districts of Sargodha, Khoshab, Mianwali and Bhakkar. In Bakkar District Local body Election are being organized in 1st phase. Polling in Bhakkar district will be held on October 31, 2015. Bhakkar District was created in 1981 with Bhakkar city as the capital. Its area consists of a riverine tract along the Indus river called Kaccha. It’s most Area is called Thal. Hyderabad Thal is also located in Bhakkar District and famous for the cultivation of  Gram (Cholay/Chanay) in Pakistan. Lahori Cholay are important breakfast recipe. Estimated population of the district is almost 16 Lac (16,00,000) peoples.

History of Bhakkar – Imperial Gazetteer of India, volume 8, page 43.
Bhakkar Tahsil.—Central cis-Indus  tahsil of Mianwali District, Punjab with an area of 3,134 square miles. Most of it lies in the desolate plain of the THAL, but the Kachhi or strip of riverain land along the Indus is of great fertility. The population in 1901 was 125,803, compared with 119,219 in 1891. The tahsil contains the town of BHARKAR (population, 5,312), the head-quarters, and 196 villages. The land revenue and cesses amounted in 1903-1904 to 1.7 lakhs. Places of interest in the tahsil are MANKERA and Muhammad Rajan, at the latter of which is the shrine of Pir Muhammad Rajan, who died there on a pilgrimage.

Bhakkar Tehsil 1900 - Imperial Gazetteer of India
Bhakkar Tehsil 1900 – Imperial Gazetteer of India

Name of Tehsils in District Bhakkar are four in number:-
1- Bhakkar Tehsil
2- Darya Khan Tehsil
3- Kaloorkot Tehsil
4- Mankera Tehsil

Bhakkar District Council Bhakkar = 64 Total Union Councils (UCs)
Municipal Committee Bhakkar = 18 Wards
Municipal Committee Darya Khan = 12 Wards
Municipal Committee Kallur Kot = 11 Wards
Municipal Committee Dullewala = 5 Wards
Municipal Committee Jandawala = 5 Wards
Municipal Committee Mankera = 8 Wards

Main Towns in Distrcit Bhakkar are Darya Khan, Mankera, Kaloorkot, Dullewala, Khansar and Notak. Detail & complete Map of District Bhakkar is given Bellow:-

Bhakkar District Complete Map
Bhakkar District Complete Map

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  1. BHAKKAR- a gateway to Pakistan for Taliban. The people of BHAKKAR district have elected a chief minister of Punjab and a prime minister of Pakistan in different elections. Although a goup of local leaders sponcer the occasion and personally benefited by this gesture but basically the people of Bhakkar elected these leaders in hope of a better Bhakkar. It’s requested to the President, prime minister of Pakistan and chief minister of Punjab to please consider upgrading Bhakkar as a divisional head quarter by appointing a commissioner to provide better governance, extra facilities and security in the area. There are news that religious violence and drug smuggling is increased in the area recently. Bhakkar is a gate way to the Punjab and Sind provinces for NWFP and Afghanistan. Bhakkar has been head quarters of divisional level organization of Thal Development Authority since 1952. TDA was abolish in 1971 on corruption charges against it’s high officials. Bhakkar is also a border district to Dera Ismail Khan and a capital city of Thal desert area-spread in six districts in Punjab. Thanking you, Khwaja Aftab Shah,Florida, U.S.A

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