By Election Result in LB Election Punjab Districts – Live Update

By Election Result in LGE Punjab Districts Held on Dec 17, 2015

Lahore/Faisalabad/Gujrat/Gujranwala/Sialkot/Multan/DGKhan (Thursday, December 17, 2015) – Today by polls are being held in Punjab and Sindh on the Union Councils/Union Committees/Wards, Where polling cancelled or postpones due to different reasons on November 3, November 19 and December 5 Local Body/Local Govt Election process.

Plling is now continue at these polling stations. Results will be come after end of polling time and end of counting of ballots. Result of each UC and ward will be published here online and live update will be provided.

Stay Touch with this webpage.

Detail UC/Ward Results in Punjab LB Election 17-12-2015

Municipal Corporation Lahore

UC 86 Ward No.3

UC 162 Ward No.5

UC 185 Ward No.4 PMLN’s Rana Sajjad Hussain wins

UC 193 Ward No.2

UC 231 Pak Colony/Chungi Amar Sidhu  (Chairman/Vice Chairman) PMLN’s Javaid Iqbal (2704 Votes)  won against PTI ‘s Malik Babar Awan (2052 Votes)

District Council Faisalabad

UC No.94 (Chairman/Vice Chairman and General Councilor Wars No.3

UC 111 Ward No.6 Muhammad Iqbal (Ind) Wins

UC 158 (Chairman/Vice Chairman)

UC 174 (Chairman/Vice Chairman)

UC 176 (Chairman/Vice Chairman) and Ward No.2 and 5

Municipal Corporation Gujrat

UC 2 Ward No.4

UC 3 Ward No.5

UC 5 Ward No.5

District Council Gujrat

UC 18 Ward No.1 and Ward No.5

UC 63 Ward No.5

UC 99 Ward No.5

UC 107 Ward No.4

UC 108 Ward No.4 PTI’s Akbar Ali Wins

Municipal Committee Lala Musa

Ward No.4

District Council Bhakkar

UC 18 ward No.4

District Council Kasur

UC 110 (Chairman/Vice Chairman) and ward No.3

Union Council (UC) No.49 (all Seat of Chairman, Vice Chairman and 6 General Councilors of Ward No.1,2,3,4,5 and 6)

Municipal Committee Kot Radha Kishan

Ward No.12

District Council Nanka Sahab

UC 9 Ward No.2

District Council Okara

UC 80 Ward No.3 (Polling Station No.42  for all categories i.e Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councilor) PMLN Fakhar Hayat Chairman Won

UC 115 (Chairman/Vice Chairman and Ward No.6)

Municipal Committee Okara

Ward No.17 Muhammad Shahid (Ind) Wins with 440 Votes

District Council Vehari

UC 13 Ward No.1 Mukhtar Ahmad (Ind) Wins

UC 92 Ward No.3

District Council Bahawalnagar

UC 25 Ward No.4

UC 30 Ward No.6

UC 37 Ward No.1 Riaz Ahmad (Ind) Wins

UC 75 Ward No.3

Municipal Committee Haroon Abad

Ward No.7 PML (Zia Group) Ch. Muzammil Wins

District Council Chiniot

UC No.1, Ward No.1

District Council Sheikhupura

UC 17  Bhaian Wala Kalan(Chairman/Vice Chairman and General Member (Councilor) in ward No.5) PMLN’s Rehmat Ali (5175 Votes Wins)

UC 25 (All Seats of Chairman/Vice Chairman and 6 General Member/Councilors)

UC 32 ward No.6

District Council Gujranwala

UC 74 Ward No.4

UC 85 (Chairman/Vice Chairman and General Member (Councilor) in ward No.3)

Municipal Corporation Sargodha

UC 6 ward No.3

Municipal Corporation Sahiwal

UC 1 Ward No.1

District Council Sahiwal

UC 42 Ward No.6 PMLN’s Muhammad Tariq Wins

District Council Khanewal

UC 52 Ward No.3 PMLN ‘s Faiz Muhamamd (316 Votes Wins)

UC 120 (Chairman/Vice Chairman and General Member (Councilor) in ward No.4)

Municipal Committee Abdul Hakim

Ward No.8

District Council Attock

UC 31 Ward No.3

UC 47 Ward No.3

Municipal Committee Hazro

Ward No.8 PMLN’s Muhammad Raees Dar Win with 924 Votes

District Council Sialkot

U 91 Ward No.3

District Council Multan

UC 104 Rana Wahin, Chak 15/F (Polling Station No.3 for Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councilor of Ward No.3)

UC 127 Sujhan Pur, Kirpalpur, Ward No.1 PMLN’s Muhammad Abdullah Won

Municipal Corporation Multan

UC 58, Ward No.3 Mohallah Gilanian, Musa Pak, Hussain Agahi (Chairman/Vice Chairman and Councilor)

PMLN’s Wasif Mehmood Butt Wins

District Council Dera Ghazi Khan

UC 1 Mathay Wali Ward No.4

UC 4 Basti Moga Ward No.6

UC 7 Babbi Ward No1

UC 21 Jhok Bodo, Basti Thatha Ward No.1,2,3

UC 22 Basti Lalani, Chatri Ward No.5,6

UC 57 Zubait Abad Ward No.4

UC 60 Ward No.5

UC 93 Barthi Ward No.1

District Council Rahim Yar Khan

UC 65 Phul Khair Muhammad Ward No.1 PMLN Dur Muhammad Khan Rind Wins

UC 138 Islam Garh Ward No.6 – Abdullah Faqeer (Ind) Win as Chairman

District Council Narowal

UC 59 Ward No.5

Punjab By Election Result 2015 of LB Poll

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