By Elections Statistics Being Held in October 2015

Bye-elections Statistics of Registered Voters in October, 2015

Islamabad/Lahore (Friday, September 25, 2015) – In the month of October,  by polls are being held in three National Assembly Constituencies and two Punjab Assembly constituencies. October is very crucial month in the politics of Pakistan. Both Government and Opposition parties are contesting these election with keen interest. These polls are  in four districts of Punjab i.e. Attock, Lahore, Okara and Lodhran Districts. Both PMLN and PTI are pitted against each other in Lahore, Okara and Lodhran in NA 122, NA 144, NA 154 and PP 147. While in PP 16 Pakistan Teheek e Insaf has not filded its candidate against the son of Shuja Khanzada Shahed (Jahangeer Khanazada).

In October more than 17 lac voters will participate in these by election. While LG elections of Phase -I are also schedule to be held on 31st October, In which more than 2 crore voters will cast their votes in Punjab and Sindh provinces.

By Elections in October 2015
By Elections in October 2015



S. No.ConstituencyMale
Female VotersTotal
1.NA-122 (Lahore-V)268,057220,472488,529
2.NA-144 (Okara-II)174,121142,168316,289
3.NA-154 (Lodhran-I)228,870190,312419,182
4.PP-16 (Attock-II)114,02792,642206,669
5.PP-147 (Lahore-XI)155,458126,076281,534
Grand Total940,533771,6701,712,203

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