Chakwal Union Councils (UC) Elections Update

Chakwal Union Councils (UC) Elections Update

Chakwal (Tuesday, October 27, 2015) – In Chakwal District local bodies election are just away from four days. All arrangement are set. Polling material will reach to polling staff one day later. There are 71 union councils in District Chakwal. Three groups are in filed, in which contest is being observed.:-

Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PMLN)

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)

Sardar Ghulam Abbas Group

In Constituencies where one to one contest is being seen, PML-N candidates are week, While Halqas where three way contest is expected, PML-N panels are looking stronger. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has fielded 63 panels in total 71 UCs, Pakistan tehreek e Insaaf has fielded 35 panels and Ghulam Abbas group has fielded 40 panels of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillors candidates.

In Chakwal district Local Govt. Election are being held in One District Council and six municipal Committees. List of MCs are as follows:-

Municipal Committee Chakwal = 37 Wards
Municipal Committee Kallar Kahar = 5  Wards
Municipal Committee Choa Saidan Shah = 7 Wards
Municipal Committee Talagang = 12 Wards
Municipal Committee Lawa = 11 Wards
Municipal Committee Bhoun = 5 Wards

Chakwala District Map

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