Chenab River Flood Latest Update 2015

Chenab River Flood Latest Update 2015

Lahore/Jhang/Multan (Tuesday, July 28, 2015) – River Chenab is most important river of Punjab Province. Its water irrigate thousands of acres of land in the province. Many canals has been constructed on this river. River Chenab originate from the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. At enters in Pakistan the Akhnoor. First head Works built on Chenab River in Pakistan is “Head Marala“.  While head Works is “Head Panjnad“. Others barrages lies on on great river are:-

1- Khanki Barrage, 2- Qadiabad Head Works, 3- Trimmu Head Works. Thus total 5 Barrages or head Works are built on River Chinab. Bellow id route map of the River Chinab. While Speed of Traveling of River Water is mentioned with letter T.

Daily Flood data Updates:- (Water inflow in Cuses)

July 2015

Mon, 27/07/2015:- Marala=115000, Khanki= 121000, Qadirabad=108000 , Trimmu= 139000, Panjnad=109000.
Tue, 28/07/2015:- Marala=91000, Khanki= 79000, Qadirabad=76000 ,Trimmu= 145000, Panjnad=132000.
Wed, 29/07/2015:- Marala=94000, Khanki= 81000, Qadirabad=70000 ,Trimmu= 145000, Panjnad=131000.
Thu, 30/07/2015:- Marala=98000, Khanki= 75000, Qadirabad=70000 ,Trimmu= 146000, Panjnad=136000.
Fri, 31/07/2015:- Marala=110000, Khanki= 100000, Qadirabad=74000 ,Trimmu= 145000, Panjnad=139000.

August 2015

Sat, 1/8/2015:- Marala=105000, Khanki= 70000, Qadirabad=72000 ,Trimmu= 143000, Panjnad=135000.
River Chenab from Marala to Panjnad Route Map
River Chenab from Marala to Panjnad Route Map

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