China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Western Route – Complete and Final Road Map

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Western Route – Complete and Final Road Map

In Pakistan’s Portion it will start at the point of Khunjrab Top near Pak-China border. It then will travel toward city of Gilgit (Head Quarter of Gilgit Baltistan).  After Crossing Chilas and Kohistan it will reach Dasu and Then Besham (District Shangla). Traveling beside Indus River it will reach at Thakot, Where it will goodbye Great Abaseen for some a movement and will entered in Batgram.

After this, CPEC will reach Mansehra and then in Abbottabad (Hazara Region, an Hindko spoken areas).  Then it will leave  Khyber pakhtunkhwa province for a while and will enter in Punjab province.

At Hassan Abdal (District Attock) it will enter in Punjab. At Hassan Abdal Korakoram Highway and G.T. Road meets. It will the reach Balkasar and then Reach Mianwali.

Again it will cross Indus River near D.I. Khan in KPK Province. Then it will Enter in Balochistan province leaving behind the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  Its first city in Balochistan will be Zhob and then Qila Saifullah. It will then reach Quetta (Head Quarter of Baluchistan Province).

This historical Road network will then travel through Mastung, Kalat, Surab, Besima, Panjgur and Turbat. The Final destination will be International Sea Port, The Gwadar.

Estimated Length of This Western Alignment (From Khunjrab to Gwadar is 2650 Kilometers.

CPEC’s Approved and Official Route Map

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Route Map - Western, Central and Eastern Links
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Route Map – Western, Central and Eastern Links
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Western Route Road Map
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Western Route Road Map


9 thoughts on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Western Route – Complete and Final Road Map

  1. Punjabi-esm is evident from the this deviation in the CEC. where is “one road one belt” economic corridor? Now there are three roads and even the western rout is not so western, KPK has been deprived ,except those district where Hinko are living. Feel the difference.

    1. @ A. Samad,

      Tell me, what has the government of KPK done to attract investment from CPEC? Because from what I remember, KPK’s governing party basically shut down the whole of Islamabad preventing the Chinese Premier for visiting earlier. Do you think you can just disrupt his trip, and then demand he spend money in KPK when the PTI government there has done NOTHING to woo Chinese investment? Shahbaz Sharif constantly meets with Chinese investors. Even Zardari can use his influence with the Chinese. But what has PTI done to reach out to China, except to criticize Nawaz Sharif from taking out too many 2-3% interest loans. And now KPK demands a piece of the pie. Unbelievable.

      And Punjabi-ism? Do you not see how a huge portion of this is in Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and even Sindh? The only place left out is KPK, and maybe thats because your PTI government upset the Chinese. The PTI government is too happy to take to the streets – and if you know only one thing about the Chinese, its that they absolutely forbid street protests and despise chaos. In fact, it was probably the Chinese themselves who are refusing to invest much in KPK. The people of KPK aren’t fools – they know how counterproductive the Islamabad Protests were. They’ll punish PTI, and once PTI is out of power, then maybe the Chinese will invest in KPK.

  2. Nawaz Sharif, et tu Brute?

    In such like mega projects, PM of the country matters, not the CM, here too you are making joke of the issue!

    PM, Nawaz Sharif’s courtier, Birbal Ahsan Iqbal, the Federal Minister for Planing & Development Commission has shared some pictures with great trumpet on social media to misguide the people, particularly in KPK and Balochestan about the underway construction works of the so called western route of the CPEC.
    I am posting a few of them herewith just to confirm from his materials, what’s the worth of the capacity, size, construction standard and strength of the so called western route of the CPEC?
    This route is comprised of a single way road having only two lanes.
    Whereas China’s presumable high tonnage of transnationals shipment by means of multi axels mega trucks and mega oil tankers would never be practicable to be handled over it. This is not a route at all, this is just a spider’s woven web!
    This under construction route is in fact comedy of the century being played and staged in the country by none other than multi-umras performer federal minister of the country.
    The bridge, which is appearing in one of the picture can never be used even by ordinary vehicle let alone by the multi axels mega trucks and oil tankers!
    The so called western route is shown on paper as well as on ground as under construction, which will connect Gwadar to D I Khan through Turbat, Hoshab, Panjgur, Besima, Qalat, Mastung, Quetta Pashin, Qila Saifullah and will pass onwards as NA 55, is not at all the route of CPEC. It’s just an eyewash and joke being played with the people of KPK and Balochestan.
    The long term or real alignment of the CPEC is through the eastern route, which is under construction in the guise of motorway as dual way carriage comprised of 6 lanes, 3 each and which would be of far better standard of the existent motorway and which will connect the eastern route with Gwadar through 653 km long Makran Costal Highway or through Haiderabad Motorway.
    When asked about capacity and size of the under construction so called western route of CPEC, the learned Birbal replied, this so called “western route will be updated in future whenever it will be felt necessary”.
    The ridiculous capacity, size, standard, strength of the road as well of the structures of bridges in pictures, would lead one to only one conclusion that Pakistan’s Hajji-Tareen PM (NS) and his Birbal both are just joking with the nation along with jear!
    If a dual carriageway, (six lanes) is not inevitable at the commencement of the CPEC, why have they commenced work on the eastern route or sorry to say Punjab Route as dual carriageway with 6 lanes from the outset?
    If a long term and permanent dual carriageway 6 lanes carpet road would be available as eastern route of the CPEC, what far the ridiculous western route would be chosen to be used?
    Nawaz Sharif had quite earlier announced the Lahore-Karachi motorway, before the announcement of the CPEC for the purpose of providing a guise to the Eastern Route of the CPEC!
    I don’t know how NS put such a strong top over the mouths of the so called Pakhtun and other nationalist leaders on the issue?
    I have never talked about provincialism nor I believe in provincialism, rather I hate the so called blackmailer nationalist leaders!
    However when I am observing the whole scheme of CPEC and the dirtiest mindset of Nawaz Sharif, I have been left with no option but to fore-alert the nation and term it as Punjab Poison, which is more disastrous for the country than anything else!
    I request COAS for early harnessing of the PM, lest he may wreak havoc to the national integrity and the great opportune opportunity!
    Nawaz Sharif personal investment may please be also discovered in endia and he be restrained of laying and hatching eggs in the worst hindu hostile country.

    aftab alam adv High Court

    1. sorry to say that we are wrong observer, in Punjab there are so many Pakhtun Bhai living, I am also a pakhtun , living in Rawalpindi.Once this China-Pakistan Economic Corridor gets operational All will be set ok. No one say its provincialism. our enemies has divided us in different shapes. We are politician worker, we are sunni, shia, wahbi etc, we are Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtun & etc. We are divided in every shape. Our enemies getting the advantage of this. We are all, but we are not Pakistani.When ever there is protest we damage our Motherland. why we do that. why.instead of helping government we are against it.the net work of motorways started in 1994 & should be completed till now. But it is still under construction & we don,t know when it going to Complete. before motorway we have only GT road, which connect the whole country. Now we have two & more route to Connect the whole country.we also want to make Cpaec an issue like Kalabagh Dam., Which was planned in 1954. In future we face shortage of water. what we are doing. we make issue those project which are in our national interest. In India no one point out any objection on national interest project, if one party’s government start a major project.Other party government own that project & complete it in time frame. But here in Pakistan one Party government completed its tenure, other Party government hold funds & stop the project started by other Party government.We should protect all those project which are in National interest.

  3. What an “intellectual” response to Aftab’s “pseudo-intellectual” explanation, Ali……was it enuf appreciation that u were expecting from public, Ali…..go read some and object with logic; mind your language n build your argument rather than this shit

  4. PM just pulling every thing to Lahore he doesn’t care about Baluchistan and KPK. Shame for PM such discriminated policy and then they claim that baloch are the agents of Raw..

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