Current Political Situation in PP-89 Pir Mahal By Election

Current Political Situation in PP-89 Pir Mahal By Election

Contest Expected Between PMLN (Ali Baba), PTI (Rana Shafiq) and Independent Candidate Syed Sonia Raza Shah

Toba Tek Singh (Saturday, January 2, 2016) – By poll is being held in provincial Punjab Assembly constituency of PP-89 Toba Tek Singh on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. There is three way contest is being witnessed in this by poll. There are three front runners candidates, names and their party affiliation is given below:-

Syed Qutub Ali Shah (Ali Baba) candidate of Pakistan Muslim League League Nawaz (PMLN)

Syeda Sonia Ali Raza Shah candidate contesting independently

Rana Sahfiq Ahmad Khan candidate contesting on Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) ticket

There is very interesting situation being created. As PTI has been splitted into two groups. PTI’s Chairman of human Rights Commission Mr. Riaz Fatiana is leading election campaign of Syed Sonia Raza Shah instead of his party candidate Mr. Rana Shafiq. On December 29, 2015, PTI central leader Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar addressed a election rally in support of Rana Shafiq. After three days higher ups of PTI and Ch Muhammad Sarwar inserted pressure on Rana Shafiq to withdraw his candidature in favour  of Sonia Raza Shah. Then Mr. Rana Sahfiq refused to do so and announced to contest election on the election symbol of “Bat”.  Riza Fatiyana has termed Ch. Muhammad Sarwar, a agent of Sharif brothers, Who is destroying party on behalf of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. On the other hand PTI’s district leader Chaudhry Ashfaq Ahmad has made allegation on Riaz Fatiana for working for the success for the PML-N candidate.

Currently PMLN’s candidate Syed Qutab Ali Shah Alias Ali Baba is leading in all the way over his opponents like PTI and Sonia Bibi. But final decision will be made by peoples of Pir Mahal on the polling day of Wed, Jan 6, 2016.

PP 89 Area

PP 89 constituency area consist of almost  13 Union Councils  (UCs) of Tehsil Kamalia District Toba tek Singh. While Pir Mahal City is included in this Halqa.Nine and half UCs are located in Pir Mahal Tehsil and three and half Ucs situates in Kamalia Tehsil.

Number of Voters in PP 89

There are total number of registered votes of 166613 in PP-89. Almost 94715 voters are males and 71880 voters are females.

PP-89 Area Map - Pir Mahal, Kamalia District TT Singh
PP-89 Area Map – Pir Mahal, Kamalia District TT Singh





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