Deosai Festival 2015 Announced From August 28-30

Deosai Festival 2015 Announced From August 28-30

Skardu/Astore (Saturday, August 22, 2015) – Government of Giligit Baltistan has announced its first tourist festival at Deosai Plain. This festival will be organized by GB govt. Festival will start from Friday (August 28) and will terminated on Sunday (August 30). Deosai plains are second in world according to the its height from sea level. In Tibet China world highest plain exist. Deosai Plain is 17200 feet high.

How to Reach Deosai?

You can reach Deosai from Skardu and Astore. From Astore road is more fair than from Skardu. Skardu Deosai road is more dangerous.

Events of Festival

1- Local and National Food Festival
2- Cultural Mela
3- Horse Riding
4- Polo Match
5- jeep Rally
6- Jeep Safari
7- Open Air Cinema
8- Water Sports
9- Tent Village
10- Cricket Match
11- Musical Nights (Local and National Singers/Artist)
12- Zoh and Joker

Travel Tips for Deosai Tour

1- Get first hand information about road and weather condition.
2- Do not disturb wildlife, poaching and hunting is illegal.
3- Take along Urnbrella, anti sun burn cream and mosquito repelling lotion.
4- Dispose off your litter properly and leave the camp site clean.
5- Hire local staff for trekking/camping.
6- Respect local culture and religious places.
7- Get permission before taking photographs in settled areas.
8- Support the community by buying local handicrafts.
9- Use kerosene for cooking and avoid burning of wood.

Deosai Festival 2015
Deosai Festival 2015
Travel Route to Deosai - Detail Map
Travel Route to Deosai – Detail Map

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