Dina, District Jhelum Punjab

Dina in located on the G.T. Road Lahore-Rawalpindi Highway. Dina City is Tehsil Headquarter of Dina Tehsil. There are Four Tehsils in Jhelum District. Dina is One of them. Four Tehsils of District Jhelum are given bellow:-

Tehsil Jhelum

Tehsil Dina

Tehsil Pindadan Khan

Tehsil Sohawa

Tehsil Sohawa is most picturesque and beautiful area of the Jhelum District. There is one big river flowing in this district, That is River Jhelum. While many small dams are situated in Jhelum district also. Names of some of them are as follows:-

Domeli Dam

Lehri Dam

Rohtas Fort Dina :- It is located almost 8 Kilometers away form the Grand Trunk Road Near Dina City.

NLC Allied Technologies Institute/Driving School Dina

It is spread on the area of 24 Acres. It is famous for the its training facility regarding LTV and HTV courses. It also provide short courses in Civil Surveyor, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication fields. NLC ATIN Dina is almost 2 KM distance from Dina City on the Main GT Road.


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