Faisalabad District Council UC Election Result 2015

District Council Faisalabad LB Election Result – UC Wise

Total Union Council in Faisalabad District Council = 189

Result Update :PMLN won 63 Seats, PTI Obtained 18, and PPP secured 4 in District Council Faisalabad Local Body Elections

UC Result District Faisalabad 2015

Faisalabad (Wed, October 31, 2015) – Today polling held in Local Body / Local Govt. Election in all over Faisalabad Abad District. There are one hundred and eighty nine (189) Union Councils in Faisalabad District Council. This consist all rural areas / villages / Chakook. It worth mentioned here that Faisalabad District Council is largest District Co8ncil in Pakistan. in terms of Population and number of Constituencies. There is contest between Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Pakistan peoples party (PPP),  PAT and JI. Detail of results will be published here.


Result Municipal Committee Chak Jhumra – PMLN Won 11 seats in 12 Wards, While in one ward independent candodate wins.

Result Municipal Committee Jaranwala – 6 Seat Won by PMLN, While 10 by Independent candidates in wards of MC Jaranwala. This id Tehsil head Quarter of Tehsil Jaranwala, Which is largest tehsil of the Punjab Province.

UC Result District Faisalabad 2015

Union Council NumberWinner Candidates with PartyUnion Council NumberWinner Candidates with PartyUnion Council NumberWinner Candidates with Party
UC 1 PMLN Malik ShamshirUC 64UC 127
UC 2 PMLN Ashraf nagraUC 65 PMLN Abdul GhafoorUC 128
UC 3 Muhammad Izhar (Ind)UC 66PMLN Aziz ul HasanUC 129
UC 4UC 67UC 130
UC 5UC 68UC 131 PMLN Tariq Vains
UC 6 Muhammad Asif Gill (Ind)UC 69UC 132
UC 7UC 70 Zulfiqar Ali (Ind)UC 133 PMLN Rana Zulfiqar
UC 8 PMLN Nazir AhmadUC 71 Shahid Lashari (Ind)UC 134
UC 9Nadeem Nawaz Bajwa (Ind)UC 72 Noman Alam (Ind)UC 135
UC 10UC 73UC 136
UC 11UC 74UC 137
UC 12UC 75 Imran Munawwar Watto (Ind)UC 138
UC 13UC 76 Kahlid Bashir (Ind)UC 139
UC 14 PMLN Iftikhar HussainUC 77UC 140
UC 15UC 78UC 141 PMLN Ch. Amin Bajwa
UC 16UC 79UC 142
UC 17UC 80UC 143
UC 18UC 81UC 144 Muhammad Shahid Raza (Ind)
UC 19UC 82UC 145
UC 20 Abdul Ghaffar Alvi (Ind)UC 83UC 146
UC 21 PMLN Tariq MehmoodUC 84UC 147
UC 22UC 85UC 148
UC 23 PTI Ch. Ejaz AhmadUC 86UC 149
UC 24 Javed iqbal (Ind)UC 87UC 150
UC 25UC 88UC 151 PMLN Mian Ramzan
UC 26  PMLN Muhammad ShafiqUC 89 AorangZaib (Ind)UC 152 PMLN Javed Cheema
UC 27 Iftikhar Ali (Ind)UC 90UC 153 PMLN Hassan Mazhar
UC 28UC 91UC 154
UC 29UC 92UC 155
UC 30 Ch. Zahid Nazir (Ind)UC 93UC 156 Rana Naseer (Ind)
UC 31 Ahmad Saeed (Ind)UC 94UC 157Rana Abdul Rauf Khan
UC 32PMLN  Mehar YousafUC 95 Ghulam Qadir DalluUC 158 (Pensara) PMLN’s Muhammad Arshad Zia Wins on 17-12-2015 Repolling
UC 33UC 96UC 159 Malik Ghulam Rasool (Ind)
UC 34UC 97UC 160
UC 35 PMLN Naseem RafiUC 98UC 161
UC 36 PPP Ashraf SahiUC 99 Tariq SaglaUC 162
UC 37 PMLN Mian RiazUC 100 Safdar BalochUC 163 Dr. Tariq Mehmood
UC 38UC 101 Falak Sher KathiaUC 164PTI Rana Waseem
UC 39 PMLN Rao Muhammad SaeedUC 102 Mian AtifUC 165
UC 40 PTI Aftab HussainUC 103 Waheed SandhilaUC 166
UC 41 Nawaz Dogar (Ind)UC 104 Riaz kawariUC 167
UC 42 Muhammad Sharif (Ind)UC 105UC 168 Sadhar RanaArshad
UC 43UC 106UC 169 Mian Saeed (Ind)
UC 44 Khan Bahadar (Ind)UC 107UC 170
UC 45UC 108UC 171
UC 46UC 109UC 172
UC 47UC 110UC 173
UC 48 Jahangir Khan (Ind)UC 111UC 174 (sandal bar) Ayub Rehman (Ind) on Balti Symbol on 17-12-2015 By Election
UC 49UC 112UC 175
UC 50UC 113UC 176 Arshad Hussain (Ind) on Balti Symbol on 17-12-2015 By Election
UC 51UC 114UC 177 Rana Mehndi Khan (Ind)
UC 52UC 115UC 178
UC 53 Saeed Muhammad (Ind)UC 116UC 179
UC 54UC 117UC 180
UC 55 Sanaullah (Ind)UC 118UC 181
UC 56 Abdul Jabbar (Ind)UC 119UC 182
UC 57 PTI Rana Farman AliUC 120UC 183
UC 58 PMLN Khalid MehmoodUC 121UC 184
UC 59UC 122UC 185
UC 60UC 123UC 186
UC 61 Khalid Pervaiz (Ind)UC 124UC 187
UC 62UC 125UC 188 Mian Ejaz (Ind)
UC 63 PMLN Muhammad IshaqUC 126UC 189

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