District Multan – Detail of Union Councils & Wards in LG Election 2015

District Multan – Detail of Union Councils & Wards in Municipal Corporation/District Council and Municipal Committees in Local Govt Elections 2015

Multan (Tuesday, September 22, 2015) – Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued election schedule of third phase of Local Government Election in Punjab and Sindh Province. Polling in these Districts will be held on December 3, 2015. While Nomination papers will be submitted from 03-10-2015 to 07-10-2015. Voters will elect the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Counselors in Union Councils and Wards of their Halqas.


Multan City is Head-quarters of the Multan Division, District, and Tehsilin the Punjab. It is situated in on the North-Western Railway, 576 miles from Karachi and 1,429. from Calcutta. The city is built on a mound, the accumulated elaris of ages, at a distance of 4 miles from the present left bank of the Chenab, enclosed on three sides by a wall from so to 20 feet in height, but open towards the south, where the old dry bed of the Ravi intervenes between the city and the citadel. As late as the days of Timur, the Ravi seems to have flowed past Milian, joining the Chenab so miles lower down ; and the original site consisted of two islands, which are now picturesquely crowned by the city and citadel, at an elevation of 50 feet above the surrounding country. Population (590s), 87,394, including 46,899 Muhamms.dans and 36,947 Hindus.

Multan, formerly called Kashtpur, Hanspur, Bagpur, Sanb or Sang pur, and finally Malasthan, derives its name from that of the idol and temple of the Sun, a shrine of vast wealth in the pre-Muhammadan period. As one of the frontier towns of India, it has been from the earliest times of the greatest historical importance

In Multan District There is One District Council, One Municipal Corporation and two Municipal Committees.

Multan Municipal Corporation Multan = No. of Union Council 68
District Council Multan = No. of Union Councils 117
Municipal Committee Shujabad = No. of Wards 12
Municipal Committee Jalalpur Pirwala = No. of Wards 12

District Multan Map with Shujaabad and Jalalpur Pirwala
District Multan Map with Shujaabad and Jalalpur Pirwala

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