ECP Announced Detail Result of NA 122 Lahore By Election 2015



In pursuance of the provisions of sub-section (1) of Section 42 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 (LXXXV of 1976), the Election Commission of Pakistan hereby publishes, for information of public at large, the number of votes received by each contesting candidate in respect of the under-mentioned constituency in the National Assembly of Pakistan based on the results consolidated by the respective Returning Officer and name of the candidate who has received the highest number of votes in the said Constituency:
SI. No. Names of the Contesting Candidates No. of valid votes Total No. of Total votes polled In the Name of the candidate declared secured by rejected constituency elected with Party the votes Affiliation contesting candidates

1. Barrister Mian Aamir Hassan 819 (PPP)

2. Jamshed lqbal 42

3. Hakeem Sheikh Moin ud Din Oureshi  77

4. Khurram Oureshi 208

5. Raja Safdar Zaman Hazaravi

6. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq 74525  (PMLIN)

7. Sarfraz Qureshi 29

8. Shagufta Malik 37

9. Sahabzada Abdul Qayyum Farooqi  16

10. Abdul Aleem Khan 72082(PTI)

11. Muhammad Naveedd Nawaz 35

12. Muhammad Younas Nasir 22

13. Malik Munsif Awan 11

14. Mian Laeeq ur Rehman  38

15. Mian Muhammad Yamin Tippu 5

16. Nawab Doctor Amber Shahzada 44

Total:  148027 Votes

Place: Islamabad  Date:  14.10.2015.

Copy forwarded for information to the:

(1) Provincial Election Commissioner, Punjab, Lahore.

(2) Additional Director General (PR), ECP, Islamabad.

(3) Deputy Director (Web). ECP, Islamabad to upload on official website of ECP.

(4) Notice Board.

NA 122 Lahore Detail By Election Result 2015 - ECP Official and Final

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