Faisalabad UC Elections Update

Faisalabad Union Council Elections Update

Interesting Contest expected between PMLN (Sher Ali and Rana Sanaullah Groups), PTI and Independent candidates in Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

Faisalabad (Wed, October 28, 2015) – In Faisalabad City Council, District Council and Municipal Committees, Local Government election are being held on Saturday, October 2015. All arrangement are final. There are close contest expected between different groups of political parties. i.e PML-N, PTI, PMLQ, PAT, PPP and JI. While large number of independent candidates are also contesting these local body elections (Punjab Badalyati Intikhbaat 2015).

Tussle between Mayor Group and Rana Sanaullah Group

Politics of Faisalabad city revolve around two personalities og Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. One the Punjab law Minister Rana Sanaullah and Other is Ex. MNA  and Mayor Faisalabad Chaudhry Sher Ali. They are exchange very harsh views about each other in public and drawing rooms. Especially Ch. Sher Ali became very hyper some time.  Few years ago Sher Ali was all in all of the PMLN in the politics of Faisalabad. Then Rana Sanaullah emerged as very strong personality. His influence in the politics of the city increased gradually. nw he is known as second line of command under the Shahbaz Sharif’s Punjab Government. Sher Ali group has announced public rally at Dhobi Ghat ground on October 29 (Thursday). While District Returning Officer of Faisalabad has termed it illegal. PTI chairman Mr. Imran Khan has already postponed his jalsa scheduled today (Oct 28).

Expected Results of Local Body election in Faisalabad

Political Pundit of Faisalabad city are analyzing that in this LB election Rana Sanaullah will gain more political power and Sher Ali group (whose election symbol is Baalti) will lose his strength.

Election Complain / Corner Meetings in Faisalabad UC Election

UC 52 Tariqabad Faisalabad – Candidate for general councilor of Ward No.1 Mirza Aleem Afzal addressed corner meeting.

UC 83 Faisalabad – Mian Abdul Manan, Sheikh Ejaz, Mian Ilyas, naseer Gujjar and others addressed corner meeting.

UC/CC 137 Faisalabad – Muhammad Razzaq Malik PMLN’s candidate Chairman and Waris Ali Ansari Candidate Vice Chairman addressed corner meeting.

UC/CC 146 FaisalabadMuhammad Riaz Malik PMLN’s candidate Chairman and Rana Zain Rauf Anwar Candidate Vice Chairman addressed corner meeting.

UC 58 Niamat Colony Faisalabad – MPA Sheikh Khuram Shahzad addressed a jalsa held in connection of LB election campaign with candidate chairman Mian Ajmal Hussain badar and vice chairman candidate Arshad Nadeem Bhatti.

UC 54 Abdullah Pur Faisalabad – Ch. Sher Ali, Amjad Yasin, Mehmoood Ahmad Mufti, Sara Amjad Yasin Candidate(Chairman) and Malik Tanveer Candidate (Vice Chairman) Addressed Corner meeting.

Ch Sher Ali Addressing Corner meeting (Jasla) in Abdullah Pur Faisalabad UC 54

UC 41 Faisalabad – MNA Talal Ch. Addrerssed corner meeting with candidate Chairman Mr. Al-Haaj Mian Rafiq Tahir and Noon Leaguee leader Malik Shahid Iqbal Awan. They also prayed for the peoples who martyred earthquake.

MNA Talal Ch praying of earthquake victims in corner meetng in Bachiana Jaranwala

UC 20 Faisalabad – Candidates of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), Chairman, Vice Chairman Haji Hidayat Ansari, Malik Asim Shehzad and Muhammad Qamar al-maroof Chirri Saeen addressed Jalsa.

UC 20 Faisalabad PMLN candidates, Chairman, Vice Chairman Haji Hidayat Ansari, Malik Asim Shehzad and Qamar al-maroof Chiri Saeen addressing Jalsa

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