Five Peanuts for Five Thousand Rupees

Five Peanuts for Five Thousand Rupees

“Panj Danay Mongphali kay panch Hazar Kay”

Lodhran (Friday, December 25, 2015) – Yesterday in Lodhran out side PTI secretariat, the winner candidate of NA 154, Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen gave Rs.5000 to the owner of a peanut stall. Mr. Tareem came close to the peanuts seller and eat 5 peanuts. After that he gave the currency notes of Rs.5000 to him. Then Jahangeer Khan Tareen leave the site.

Role of Wealth is increasing in the politics of Pakistan. In October by election in Lahore NA-122, almost more than a billions rupees were spent by both parties including PTI and PMLN. While large portion of expense was from PTI’s candidate Abdul Aleem Khan, Who is also a real estate developer of the city.

In NA 154 Lodhran by election there are news that PTI’s candidate Jahangeer Khan Tareen also used his wealth as tool for winning elections. Almost millions of rupees has been spent by him.

These are stories coming from a party which promised “Naya Pakistan”. What will be next? it is not difficult to predict the future politics of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and its chairman Imran Khan.


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