Fort Munro Development Authority Invited EOI For Master Plan

Fort Munro Development Authority Master Plan for Developing Fort Munro as Eco-Tourism Destination (2015-2040)
Expression of Interest
(Published in Daily Nawaiwaqt Multan on Wed, July 22, 2015) – In order to promote and develop tourism facilities in the region of Fort Munro, Dera Ghat Khan, the Government of Punjab has established the Fort Munro Development Authority. One of the key targets of the authority is to develop and implement a regional & Strategic Master Plan for the area towards a long term objective of fully harnessing the tourism and economic potential of this area. while maintaining its Indigenous character and protection its rich environmental assets. The Authority intends to hire a Consultancy Firm for the preparation of Master Plan for Developing Fort Munro as Eco-Tourism Destination (2015-2035) The Master Plan will focus on eco-tourism, local economic development, taking into consideration the regional context, and must include shat to long term action plans, and financial and implementation mechanisms. Interested consultancy firms of consortium, association (Nation & International), having at least 5 years relevant experience in developing tourism master plans including but not limited to conduction social and environment assessments. DAL land use Planning & mapping, urban design of tourist destination zones, economic, financial and legal framework for sustainable tourism activities, and services & infrastructure Planning, design & management can apply. Pre-Qualification Document can be downloaded from PPRA website. <HUD&PHED Website> <Fort Munro Development Authority Website> Interested Firm! Companies may furnish their E.O. Is within 15-days after appearing of this advertisement to the below mentioned postal address. MUHAMMAD SAQIF AZIZ Director General Fort Munro Development Authority D.G. Khan
Postal Address (Commissioner Office D.G. Khan) Commissioner,Office D.G .Khan

Phone No. 064-9260668 Fax. 064-9260469

Fort Munro EOI For Master Plan
Fort Munro EOI For Master Plan

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