Gujrat UC and Ward Election Result 2015

Gujrat UC and Ward Election Results 2015

Loca Body/Govt Elections 2015

Gujrat/Sarai Alamgir/Kharian/Dinga/Jalalpur Jattan/Lala Musa/Kunjah (Breaking News / Wed, October  31, 2015) – Local Government Elections held in all over Gujrat District of Punjab province, Pakistan. There are one hundred and seventeen union councils in Gujarat District Council. While in Gujrat Municipal Corporation Total Twelve UC exist.

While in 93 Wards of Six Municipal Committees (MC) also held in Kunjah, Kharian, Lalamusa, Sarai Alamgeer, Jalalpur Jattan and Dinga towns.

Result of All Union Councils and Wards is announced after the counting of Votes.

Good Luck!

Results Municipal Corporation Gujrat City (12 UCs) – Update News , PMLN Won in 7 UCs out of 12 UCs in Gujrat City Union Councils. PTI Won 2, PML-Q won 3 seats.

Union Council Nos
Union Council Nos
Union Council Nos
UC 1 PML-N Ch AshrafUC 5 PTI Ch. Allah DittaUC 9 PML-N Ch. Tahir
UC 2PML-N Asif RazaUC 6 PML.-Q Ch SaleemUC 10 PML-Q Mian Pervez Akhtar
UC 3PML-N- Haji NasirUC 7 PML-Q NasrullahUC 11PML-N Ch. Iftikhar
UC 4 PTI Mirza JamshedUC 8 PML-N Zafar IqbalUC 12PML-N Yousaf Gull

Results District Council Gujrat (117 UCs) – Result Update :- PMLN leads with 55 Seats, While Independent 13, PML-Q 20, and PTI Wins 17 Union Councils Seats in District Council Gujrat Local Body Elections. In 12 Ucs election has been postponed.

Union Council #Winner/LoserUnion Council #Winner/LoserUnion Council #Winner/Loser
UC 1 PMLN Muhammad ArshadUC 41 PTI Najam ul Hasan BhattiUC 81
UC 2 PMLN Fiaz CheechiUC 42  Election PostponedUC 82
UC 3 PMLN Zia MohauddinUC 43  Election PostponedUC 83
UC 4 Election PostponedUC 44  Election PostponedUC 84
UC 5  Election PostponedUC 45  Election PostponedUC 85
UC 6 PMLN Aqeel BaigUC 46 PMLQ Safdar Mumtaz SindhuUC 86
UC 7  Election PostponedUC 47PMLQ Pervaiz bashirUC 87
UC 8 PMLN Haroon Rasheed buttUC 48 PTI Ghuylam Rasool ShariqUC 88
UC 9 PMLN Ahmad Khan
UC 49  Election PostponedUC 89
UC 10 PMLN Tahirul MulkUC 50 PMLQ Shafiq AhmadUC 90
UC 11 PMLQ Zafar IqbalUC 51 PMLN Muhammad RiazUC 91
UC 12 PMLN Amir Nadeem MehndiUC 52 PMLN Tauqeer GillaniUC 92
UC 13 PMLN Muhammad Ali GujjarUC 53 PMLN Arshad MehmoodUC 93
UC 14 PMLN Muhammad AkramUC 54UC 94
UC 15 PTI Muhammad IlyasUC 55UC 95
UC 16 PMLQ Muhammad AmjadUC 56UC 96 PMLN  Kotla Arab Ali Khan
UC 17 PMLN Ch. NasrullahUC 57UC 97 PTI
UC 18 PMLN Ch. Bashir AhmadUC 58UC 98
UC 19 PMLN Muhammad RazzaqUC 59UC 99
UC 20 PMLQ Munawwar HussainUC 60UC 100
UC 21 PMLN Muhammad ArshadUC 61UC 101
UC 22 PMLQ Abul-Hasan ShahUC 62UC 102
UC 23 PMLQ Sajjad Ahmad MalhiUC 63UC 103
UC 24 PMLN Jaffir Raza NaqviUC 64UC 104
UC 25 PMLN Ch. Iftikhar AhmadUC 65UC 105
UC 26   Election PostponedUC 66UC 106
UC 27 PMLN Kashif  MehmoodUC 67UC 107
UC 28 PMLN Afzaal AkbarUC 68UC 108
UC 29 PMLQ Shaukat MahmoodUC 69UC 109
UC 30 PMLN Zafar IqbalUC 70UC 110
UC 31 PMLQ Shahzad JavedUC 71UC 111
UC 32 PTI kaleem uddinUC 72UC 112
UC 33 PMLQ Malik saleem GuddoUC 73UC 113
UC 34 PMLN Syed Aqeel Abbas ShahUC 74UC 114
UC 35 PMLQ Fazeelat ShahUC 75UC 115
UC 36 PMLN Gulzar HussainUC 76UC 116
UC 37 PMLN Atiqul ZamanUC 77UC 117
UC 38 PMLQ Nazeer AhmadUC 78
UC 39 PMLQ Muhammad NawazUC 79
UC 40   Election PostponedUC 80

Results Municipal Committee Lala Musa (24 Wards) – PPP Won 14 Seat in Lalamusa, Brother of Kaira also win Chairman seat.PTI 6 Seats and PML-N 2 Seats wins, 2 Independent Candidates.

 Ward No. Winner/Loser Ward No. Winner/Loser Ward No. Winner/Loser
 1 917

Results Municipal Committee JalalPur Jattan (24 Wards)  While PMLN has got 12 Seats. PML-Q got 8 Seats and 3 Independent candidates won the MC Jalapur Jattan Election.

Ward No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/Loser
1 PML-Q M. Abdullah9  PML-Q Hafeez Noshahi17PML-N Syed Qasim
2 PML-N M. Riaz10  PML-N Afzaal Butt18PML-N Haroon Waeen
3PML-Q Munir Ahmad11  PML-N Shahid Aslam Butt19
4PML-N Amir Shehzad12  PML-N Naeem Aslam Butt20 PML-Q Bashir Ahmad
5PML-N Sh. Shahid Anwar13 Muhammad Akram (Ind)21 PML-Q Ejaz Ahmad
6 Muhammad Sagheer (Ind)14  PML-Q Raheel Shehzad22 Saeed Butt (Ind)
7PML-N M. Riaz15PML-N Syed Hashim23 Malik Ilyas (Ind)
8PML-N M. Shahbaz16PML-N M. Arif24PML-N Adnan Arshad

Results Municipal Committee Sarai Alamgeer (12 Wards)

Ward No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/Loser

Results Municipal Committee Dinga (12 Wards)

Ward No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/Loser

Results Municipal Committee Kharian (11 Wards) – PTI has won in 8 wards, and in 3 PML-N won. Thus PTI wil form Local Govt in MC Kharian.

Ward No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/Loser
1PML-N Haji Javed Malik5 PML-N Zafar Majeed Butt9  PTI Ch. Saqib Bashir
2 PTI Lal Khan6  PTI Akhtar Awan10  PTI Ch. Asfand Asghar
3 PTI Irfan Ahmad7  PTI Mirza Farooq11  PTI Ch. Waqas Majeed
4 PML_N Haji Aslam Khan8  PTI Sh. Hafeez

Results Municipal Committee Kunjah (11 Wards) Nishan e Haider Group Won 5 Seats, PML-N got 3 Seats and 2 Independent candidates win.

Ward No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/LoserWard No.Winner/Loser
1 Nishan e Haider Group M. Ashraf Naik5 Nishan e Haider Group Rizwan ul Rathore9 Haji Iftikhar (Died)
2 Nishan e Haider Group Khuram Shahzad6 Mudassair Waraich (Ind)10 Ch Fiaz Ahmad (Ind)
3 Nishan e Haider Group Nisar Ahmad Gondal7 Asif Irfan Gondal (Ind)11PML-N  Haji Muhammad Anwar Rehmani
4 Nishan e Haider Group Sajid Dilshad8 PML-N Tariq Mehmood Butt

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