Hakla (Islamabad) M1 to Yarak (Dera Ismail Khan) Motorway/Expressway – CPEC Western Route Map

Hakla (Islamabad) M1 to Yarik (Dera Ismail Khan) Motorway/Expressway – CPEC Western Route Map

Prime Minister of Pakistan directed NHA to conduct aerial survey to study various options for the western alignment of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Several alternate proposals were prepared and discussed with their merits and demerits and the route corridor from Hakla on M-1 to Yarak on N-55 near D.I. Khan via Pindi Gheb, Kalabagh, Kundal was finally approved.
The alignment of subject Motorway originate at Yarak (N-55), traverses through Paniyala, Abdul Khel, Kundal, crossing river Indus, Mianwali, Daud Khel Sikandarabad, Tarap, Pinidgheb, Fateh jang and finally terminates at Hakla on motorway (M-1). The proposed motorway is part of the western alignment of the CPEC.
National Highway Authority intends to appoint Consultants for supervision of CPEC Western Route: Hakla on M-1 to D.I. Khan Motorway/Expressway.
The subject project will be implemented on fast track basis. Therefore, to meet the pace of work and for execution of good quality construction as per specification & NHA standards, the construction & its supervision will be undertaken through five sections/packages (approximate section-wise details of lengths of Project are below:
Sections/ Name of Sections Approximate Packages Lengths (Km)


1- Yarik /DI Khan (on N-55) to Rehamani Khel = 55 Km

2- Rehamani Khel via Kundal to Daud Khel = 70Km

3- Daud Khel to Tarap = 50Km

4- Tarap to Pindigheb = 50Km

5- Pindigheb to Hakla on M-1 = 60Km

Total Length = 285 km
Under this TOR Detailed Design Review and Construction Supervision of “Yarak on N-55 to Rahmani Kheil (55 kin)” as Package-1 of Hakla (on M-1) to D. I Khan Motorway Project will be undertaken.
1.2 Need Assessment
D.I. Khan being located at the junction of N-50, N-55, D.I. Khan – Tank – Miranshah Road and the Proposed 285 km new Motorway between D.I. Khan and Islamabad will be a new hub of business for the Punjab, southern KPK and Afghanistan.
The existing connection from D.I. Khan to Motorways is via Chashma, Minawali, Talagang and Balkasar at Chakwal. This road sooner or later will be closed as the Atomic Energy Commission has their sensitive establishments in the vicinity. This will be a parallel and shortest route as compared to the existing roads from D.I. Khan to Motorway and Peshawar.

DI Khan-Islamabad Motorway-Expressway Route Map of CPEC Western Allignment
DI Khan-Islamabad Motorway-Expressway Route Map of CPEC Western Allignment

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  1. It is 4-lane road, what we need 6-lane road as trucks from china will occupy one lane every time
    only one lane will be available for otherb vehicles , difficult to cross over
    Prof:Dr.Hussain Al-Nafees medical college, Islamabad

  2. What will new route between D.I. Khan and Mianwali as they will use existing route which is passing through chashma barrage?

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