Imran Khan Cancel Skardu Tour With Reham Khan

Imran Khan (PTI) Cancel Skardu Tour With Reham Khan

Gilgit-Baltistan (Sunday, May 24th, 2015) – Today Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi was due to arive in the second largest city of this region. He and other PTI’s leaders i.e. Jahangir Tareen and her Wife Reham Khan was also planning to visit Skardu. But due to change in weather condition flight has been canceled.

In next month of June legislative assembly election are being held in Gilgit Baltistan. There are 24 constituencies where election would be held. PML-N is ahead in pre-poll analysis. While PPP and PTI are lagging behind.

Skardu City:-

Skardu city id heah quarter of Balisatan region. It is almost  7200 feet high from sea level. Baltistan 5 beautiful valleys.:-

Shigar Valley

Skardu Valley

Khaplu Valley

Rondu Valley

Kharmang Valley

Deosai National Park is located in the Skardu District. of the Gilgit Baltistan geographic region. Deosai is a tourist attraction and many tourists who visit Baltistan go to Deosai as well. Deosai Plateau is the second highest plateau in the world after the ChangTang in Tibet.

Skardu City Map
Skardu City Map

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