Islamabad Results of UC 48 & UC 49 By Election 2016

Islamabad Results of UC 48 & UC 49 By Election 2016

Islamabad (News Update / Saturday, 24 September 2016) –  Candidates belonging to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) emerged victorious in local government by-elections for the chairman seat s in Union Councils 48 and 49. According to unofficial and unverified results, PML-N candidate Ghazanfar Ali Khan won the by-election after receiving 5208 votes. The runner-up candidate, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Malik Imtiaz received 4425 votes. On the by-election for UC-49 in Shah Allah Ditta Area, PMLN’s Candidate Zaki Shah Wins with  2918 votes. According to the unofficial and unverified results, independent candidate Malik Jamshed supported by both PPP & PTI remained the runner-up with 2742 votes.

UC # 48 Result (Sungjani, Sarai Khurboza)

Ghazanfar Ali Khan (PMLN) = 5208 Votes

Malik Muhammad Imtiaz (PTI) = 4425 Votes

UC # 49 Result (Shah Allah Ditta)

Zaki Shah (PMLN) = 2918 Votes

Malik Jamshed (Ind) supported by PTI and PPP = 2742 Votes

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