Islamabad UC List (Revised and Updated)

Islamabad 50 Union Councils List (Revised and Updated)

Islamabad (Wednesday, November 18, 2015) – ECP has issued New and Latest list of Union Councils in Islamabad Local Govt Elections. These local body election are being held on November 30, 2015. Detail List of UCs with Area Name are given bellow:-

UC 1 Saidpur

UC 2 Noor Pur Shahan

UC 3 Malpur

UC 4 Kot Hathial

UC 5 Kot Hathiyal

UC 6 Phulgraan

UC 7 Pind Baigowal

UC 8 Tomeer

UC 9 Charah

UC 10 Kirpa

UC 11 Mughal

UC 12 Rawat

UC 13 Humak

UC 14 Sahala

UC 15 Loi Bher

UC 16 Pagh Panwal

UC 17 Koral

UC 18 Khanna DaaK

UC 19 Tarlai Kalan

UC 20 Alipur

UC 21 Sohan (Dehi)

UC 22 ChaK Shehzad

UC 23 Kari

UC 24 Rawal Town, Margalla Town

UC 25 Sector F-6

UC 26 Sector G-6/1

UC 27 Sector G-6/1, 3, 4

UC 28 Sector F-7/8, F-7/9

UC 29 F-10, F-11 Sector

UC 30 Sector G-7/3, G-7/4

UC 31 G-7/1, G-7/2

UC 32 G-8/3, G-8/4

UC 33 G-8/1, G-8/2

UC 34 G-9/1, G-9/3, G-9/4

UC 35 G-9/2

UC 36 G-10/3, G-10/4

UC 37 G-10/1, G-10/2

UC 38 G-11/1, G-11/2, G-11/3, G-11/4

UC 39 Maira Sunbal Jaffir

UC 40 Sectors I-8 and H-8

UC 41 Sectors I-9 and H-9

UC 42 I-10/1, I-10/4

UC 43 Different Areas of Sectors I-10 & H-10

UC 44 Bokra and Sarain

UC 45 Jhangi Syedan, Thalla Saidan and Nothia

UC 46 Budhana Kalan

UC 47 Ternol

UC 48 Sarai Kharbuza. SangJani

UC 49 Shah Allah Ditta

UC 50 Golra Sharif

Islamabad Union Council Area Map
Islamabad Union Council Area Map

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