Islamabad UC/Wards Local Body Election Results 2015

Islamabad UC/Wards Local Body Election Results 2015

Islamabad (Monday, November 30. 2015) – Today a tough competition is expected between PTI and PML-N in local government election Islamabad district. More than six lac voter are exercising their right of votes in the district. There are fifty union councils in all over the Islamabad District. Almost 2/3 Ucs are located in the rural areas and 1/3 in the urban area. Pakistan Peoples Party and Jamat e Islami Pakistan is also in the field. Polling will continue from morning (07:00 Hours) to Evening (17:30 Hours).  After 05:30 counting of votes will begin at all polling stations, And then results from all Polling Station will start to come. Detail Polling Station Wise UC Result will be announced at this webpage. Stay touch with us/ Good Luck for all contesting candidates.

Note:According to initial results trends, PTI is performing better than earlier Punjab Local Body Elections held in two phases. Vote Counting is slow. If You have any Result update. Please Write in the Comment bellow.

Local Body Election Islamabad is quite different from the Punjab province. In ICT LB system each voter will elect following candidates:-

1- Chairman/Vice Chairman

2- Women Member /Councilors

3- Youth Member / Councilor

4- Non-Muslim or Minority Member / Councilor

5- Labour/Workers/Kisan Councilor

Result of UC Wise in Islam LG Election 2015

new iconUnopposed Elected Candidates are 20 in Total :- UC 45 PML-N’s Non-Muslim Councilor Rajesh Kumar elected unopposed,. UC 8 PTI’s Woman Councilor won unopposed, PPP’s Sarfaraz Gul elected from UC 34, Ward No.3.

Latest Party Position

PML-N Won in 21 Union Councils

PTI Wonin 15 Union Councils

Independent Candidates  Won in 14 Union Councils

Union Council NumbersArea NameWinner Candidates/Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors (PTI, PML-N, PPP, Independent)
UC No.1Saidpur PTI’s Raja Sheraz Kiyani (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.2Noorpur Shahan (Independent Candidate) Peer Adil Shah (Chairman) Wins
UC No.3Mal Pur PMLN’s Ch. Mushtaq (Chairman) Wins
UC No.4Kot Hathial (North) Contest Tie between PMLN’s Malik Ishtiaq Awan and Independent candidate Raja Hamid Zaman after both have got equal votes. Toss will held for final Decision.
UC No.5Kot Hathial (South)PMLN’s Muhammad Wahid (Chairman) Wins
UC No.6PhulgranPMLN’s Raja Waqar (Chairman) Wins
UC No.7Pind BegowalPTI’s Qaisar Ghaffar (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.8TumairPTI’s Raja Khuram Nawaz (Chairman) Wins, W#6 PTI Win,
UC No.9Charah(Independent Candidate) Zulqarnain (Chairman) Wins, W#4 Zulqarnain (Ind) Wins,
UC No.10Kirpa(Independent Candidate) Raja Zahid (Chairman) Winsn Polling Station Pindorian PMLN Wins,
UC No.11MughalPTI’s Abdul Majeed Kiyani (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.12RawatPTI’s Hasnain Shah (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.13Humak PMLN’s Qazi Faisal (Chairman) Wins
UC No.14Sihala (Independent Candidate) Chaudhry Nadeem (Chairman) Wins
UC No.15Loi BherPTI’s Malik Ikhlaq Awan (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.16Pagh & Panwal Independent Candidate) Chaudhry Hanif (Chairman) Wins
UC No.17Koral(Independent Candidate) Qaisar Bhatti (Chairman) Wins
UC No.18Khana DakPMLN’s Waseem Sana (Chairman) Wins
UC No.19Tarlai KalanPMLN’s Manzoor Hussain (Chairman) Wins
UC No.20Ali Pur (Independent Candidate) Syed Abrar (Chairman) Wins
UC No.21Sohan DehatiPTI’s Malik Amir (Chairman) Wins, Ward#1 PTI’s Councilor Sohail wins, Ward#2 PTI’s Councilor Amir Ali wins,
UC No.22Chak ShahzadPMLN’s Ch. Matloob (Chairman) Wins
UC No.23Kuri, Bani Gala Independent candidate Jameel Khokhar (Chairman) Wins and defeated PTI  Candidate . Thus PTI lose in Imran Khan Home UC. Bani Gala lies in this UC. (Another Upset)
UC No.24Rawal TownPMLN’s Syed Zaheer Ahmad Shah (Chairman) Wins
UC No.25F-6PTI’s Ateeq Khatak (Chairman) Wins
UC No.26G-6/1PMLN’s Ch. Allah Ditta (Chairman) Wins
UC No.27G-6/2,3 & 4PTI’s  Anjum Shahzad tanoli  (Chairman) Wins. Ward#5 PTI Wins
UC No.28F-7,8 & Jinnah Park F-9PTI’s Fauzia Arshad (Chairman) Wins. PMLN’s Arjamand Khan is Lost
UC No.29F-10 & F- 11PTI’s Khuram Bakhtiar (Chairman) Wins. He Defeated  PML-N Umer Zahid Malik.
UC No.30G-7/3 & G-7/4(Ind) Ch. Naeem Gujjar  (Chairman) Wins.(Biggest Upset of the Islamabad). Zafar Shah get 153 votes against PTI 314 votes in his Mohallah.and remained at 3nd Position.

UC 30 Islamabad - PTI Candidate Chairman Amir Sheikh
UC 30 Islamabad – PTI loser Candidate Chairman Amir Sheikh
UC No.31G-7/1 & 2PTI’s Ahmad Khan (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.32G-8/3 & 4PMLN’s Malik Munir Ashraf (Chairman) Wins
UC No.33G-8/1 & 2PMLN’s Raja Waheed ullah (Chairman) Wins, Ward#4 PTI’s Labour Councilor Khuram Wali Wins,
UC No.34G-9/1 ,3 & 4PMLN’s Malik Sajjad (Chairman) Wins
UC No.35G-9/2PTI’s Malik Rafique (Chairman) Wins
UC No.36G-10/3 & 4PTI’s Faisal Nadeem (Chairman) Wins
UC No.37G-10/1 & 2PTI’s Malik Sajid (Chairman) Wins
UC No.38G-11/1,2,3 & 4PTI’s Tanveer Qazi (Chairman) Wins
UC No.39Maira Sumbal JaffarPMLN’s (Chairman) Wins
UC No.40I-8PTI’s Ali Awan (Chairman Candidate) Won, PTI Clean Sweeps in UC and Win 6 Ward Seatand other Councilorsaard#3, Loser is  Shakeel bbasi (PMLN Chairman Candidate)
UC No.41I-9PMLN’s Sardar Mehtab Khan (Chairman) Wins
UC No.42I-10/1 & I-10/ 4 (Partly)PMLN’s Farman Ali Mughal (Chairman) Wins
UC No.43I- 10/2, 3 I-10/4 (Partly) & H-10PMLN’s Rana Ashfaq (Chairman) Wins
UC No.44BokraPMLN’s Muhammad Aftab (Chairman) Wins
UC No.45Jhangi SaydanPMLN’s Syed Sibt-e-Hasan (Chairman) Wins. PML-N clean sweeps in this UC.
UC No.46Badhana Kalan PMLN’s Hafiz-ul-Rehman (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.47Tarnol Independent candidate Malik Rizwan (Chairman) Wins, Ward#5 PMLN’s G/Councilor Naveed Wins
UC No.48Sarai Kharbooza Independent candidate Azam Khan (Chairman)  Wins
UC No.49Shah Allah Ditta PMLN’s Syed Zeshan Ali Naqvi (Chairman) Wins.
UC No.50Golra SharifPTI’s Shuaib Khan (Chairman Candidate) Won. Tahir Mehmood (PMLN Chairman Candidate) loses, Ward#6 PMLN’s Liaqat Ali Wins.


Islamabad District Detail Map - 50 UCs Election Result 2015
Islamabad District Detail Map – 50 UCs Election Result 2015

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  1. Can you please provide me the list of women candidates of local body elections of 2015 from Isb and Rwp? no matters they are elected or not.

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