Jahanian Tehsil UC and Wards in LB Election 2015

Jahanian Tehsil, District Khanewal  UC and Wards in LB Election 2015

In Jahanian Tehsil of District Khanewal, local body election are being held on Thursday 19-11-2015. PPP, PTI and PML-N are main groups contesting in these Baldiyati Intikhbat. Results will be announced after polling day end. In tehsil Jahanian total Union Councils are eighteen in rural areas, while in urban area (MC Jahanian) eleven wards has been created.

Tehsil Jahanian UCs (118-135 UCs of District Council Khanewal)

Union Council NumbersName of Areas / Villages and Chakook
UC 118Chak No.57/10-R, Chak No.97/10-R, Chak No.56/10-R, Chak No.96/10-R, Chak No.55/10-R, Chak No.54/10-R, Chak No.53/10-R
UC 119Chak No.100/10-R, Chak No.102/10-R, Chak No.99/10-R, Chak No.101/10-R, Chak No.104/10-R, Chak No.98/10-R, Chak No.98-A/10-R,
UC 120Chak No.160/10-R, Chak No.95/10-R, Chak No.160-A/10-R, Chak No.158-A/10-R, Chak No.159/10-R, Chak No.159-A/10-R, Chak No.103/10-R
UC 121Chak No.106/10-R, Chak No.105/10-R, Chak No.109/10-R, Chak No.110/10-R
UC 122Rahim Shah, Chak No.107/10-R, Chak No.108/10-R
UC 123Chak No.115/10-R, Chak No.112/10-R, Chak No.111/10-R
UC 124Chak No.157/10-R, Chak No.173/10-R, Chak No.163/10-R, Chak No.158/10-R, Chak No.151/10-R
UC 125Chak No.174/10-R, Chak No.175/10-R, Chak No.156/10-R, Chak No.154/10-R, Chak No.152/10-R, Chak No.153/10-R, Chak No.155/10-R, Chak No.145/10-R
UC 126Chak No.149/10-R, Chak No.113/10-R, Chak No.150/10-R, Chak No.148/10-R
UC 127Mian Pur, Chak No.144/10-R, Chak No.143/10-R, Chak No.146/10-R, Chak No.147/10-R, Chak No.142/10-R, Zoor Kot
UC 128Chak No.140/10-R, Chak No.141/10-R, Chak No.114/10-R, Chak No.116/10-R
UC 129Chak No.117/10-R, Chak No.122/10-R, Kot Bhara, Chak No.118/10-R, Chak No.119/10-R, Chak No.120/10-R
UC 130Chak No.138/10-R, Chak No.139/10-R
UC 131Chak No.136/10-R, Chak No.137/10-R, Chak No.123/10-R
UC 132Chak No.127/10-R, Chak No.125/10-R, Chak No.126/10-R, Chak No.124/10-R, Chak No.121/10-R, Chak No.127/10-R
UC 133Thatta Sadiq Abad, Chak No.135/10-R, Chak No.134/10-R, Chak No.133/10-R
UC 134Ali Sher Wahin, Ali Pur, Chak No.131-A/10-R, Chak No.129/10-R, Kot Misri Khan, Chak No.128/10-R, Chak No.129/10-R
UC 135Chak No.132/10-R, Chak No.131/10-R, Chak No.130/10-R
Map Tehsil Jahanian District Khanewal Complete - LG Election Results 2015
Map Tehsil Jahanian District Khanewal Complete – LG Election Results 2015

Result and List of wards in Municipal Committee Jahanian City (11 wards)

Ward NumbersAreas Name (Urban) / Winner Candidates with Party
Ward No 1new Colony /
Ward No 2Chak No.111/10-R /
Ward No 3Block No.1 /
Ward No 4Jinnah Colony No.2 /
Ward No 5Jinnah Colony No.1 /
Ward No 6Jinnah Colony /
Ward No 7Block No.2
Ward No 8Block No.5 /
Ward No 9Block No.6 /
Ward No 10Shafqat Colony /
Ward No 11Jalal Abad /

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