Karachi District East Local Body Election Results 2015

District East Karachi Local Govt Election Results 2015

In Karachi District East local Government Election are being held today on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Its total population is 24 lac. While number of voters are almost 12 lac. District East is consist of following areas of Karachi division.

Karachi District East UC Results 2015
Karachi District East UC Results 2015

Akhtar Colony, Manzoor Colony, Defense View Housing Scheme, Azam Basti, Mahmood Abad, PECHS (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society), Garden, Manzoor Colony, Press Quarters, Eisa Nagri, Sabzi Mandi, Gulshan e Iqbal, Shanti Nagar, Jat Line, Jacob Line, Delhi Mercantile Society, Jamshed Quarters, PI Colony, Fatima Jinnah Colony, Soldier Bazar, Jamali Colony, Quaid e Azam Colony, Pehlwaan Goth, Hazara Goth, Gulzar e Hijri, Safoora Goth, Gajru.

Results of 31 UCs will be announced after voting and counting of votes at polling stations.

Detail Result UC Wise in Sharqi Zila Karachi

Union Committee/ Union Council NosWinner Candidate Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors with Party Name (MQM, PPP, ANP, JUI-F, PML-N, PTI, Jamat e Islami, Independent)
Result UC 1 Akhtar Colony / Nadeem Arain (PMLN)
Result UC 2 Manzoor Colony-1 / Malik Shah Nawaz Awan (MQM)
Result UC 3 Azam Basti / Abdul Khaliq (Ind)
Result UC 4 Chanesar Town / Farhan Ghani (PPP)
Result UC 5 Mehmood Abad / Sajid Dabeer (MQM)
Result UC 6 Manzoor Colony-1I/ Muhammad Nawaz Olakh (Ind)
Result UC 7 PECHS-I / Mustajab Anwar (MQM)
Result UC 8 PECHS-II / Waleed Ahmad (JI Pakistan)
Result UC 9 Jutt Line / Asif Azam (MQM)
Result UC 10 Jacob Line (Central) / Muhammad Mursaleen (MQM)
Result UC 11 Delhi Mercontile Society / Muhammad Junaid Mookati (JI Pakistan)
Result UC 12 Jacob Line (Side Area) / Waseem Akhtar (MQM) – most likely next mayor of Karachi
Result UC 13
Result UC 14 Jamshaid Quarters-I / Habib Khan (MQM)
Result UC 15  Jamshaid Quarters-II / Abdul Waheed (MQM)
Result UC 16 Jamshaid Quarters-III / Naoshad Khan (MQM)
Result UC 17Pakistan Quarters-II / Syed Muhammad Shoaib (MQM)
Result UC 18 Civic Center / Firdaos Shamim Naqvi (PTI)
Result UC 19 PIB Colony / Muhammad Shahid Khan (MQM)
Result UC 20 Eisa Nagri / Baloch Khan Gabol (PPP)
Result UC 21 Gulshan Iqbal -I / Muhammad Adnan (MQM)
Result UC 22 Gillani Railway / Abdul salam Khan (MQM)
Result UC 23 Shanti Nagar / Ghulam Akbar (PTI)
Result UC 24 Jamali Colony / Syed Irshad Hasan (MQM)
Result UC 25  Gulshan Iqbal -II / Syed Farhan Ali (MQM)
Result UC 26New Delhi / Syed Raza Ali Imam (MQM)
Result UC 27
Result UC 28 Metrovil Colony / Khalid uddin (MQM)
Result UC 29 Gulzar e Hijri / Ali Kausar Shah (MQM)
Result UC 30 Safoora / Ilyas Gabool (PPP)
Result UC 31 Gajru / Noor Khan (PPP)

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