Karachi District West Local Govt Election Results 2015

Karachi District West Local Body Election Results 2015

Karachi (Saturday, December 5th, 2015) – Local Body Election / Local Govt elections are being held in district West Karachi. All political parties are contesting LB/LG Elections. Large number of candidates of PPP, PMLN, MQM, PIT, JI, JUI-F, Sunni Tehreek, Rah e Haq Party, ANPO and Pasban are contesting elections. Results will be announced after polling end.

Chairman / Vice Chairman Election Result Update Dated 24-08-2016

Following area are located in this district (West District Karachi).

Sher Shah, Labour Square, Pathan Colony, Metrovil, Pak Colony, Old Golimar, Jahan Abad, Qasba Colony, Islamia Colony, Peerabad, Baloch Goth, Data Nagar, Mujahid Abad, Banaras Colony, Frontier Colony, Ghazi Abad, Benazir Colony, Muhammad Nagar, Iqbal baloch, Hanif Abad, Heryana Colony, Hussain Abad, Shah Wali ullah nagar, Saeed Abad, Gulshan Ghazi, Rasheed Abad, Ittehad Town, Navel Colony, Yousaf Goth, Maripur, Baba Bhat, Machar Colony, Keamari and Sultan Abad.

Detail Result UC Wise of District West Karachi

Results Summary:- MQM Won in 21, PML-N Win in 8, While PTI in 4, PPP in 4, Jamat e Islami Pakistan won in 3 UCs.

Union Committee/ Union Council NosWinner Candidate Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors with Party Name (MQM, PPP, ANP, JUI-F, PML-N, PTI, Jamat e Islami, Independent)
Result UC 1 Sher Shah / Rana Muhammad Waris (PMLN)
Result UC 2 Labour Square / Habib ul Rehman (PMLN)
Result UC 3 Pathan Colony / Akbar Shah Hashmi (JUI-f)
Result UC 4 Matrovil / Abdulllah Samad Khan (Jamat e Islami)
Result UC 5 Pak Colony / Muhammad Ayub (MQM)
Result UC 6 Old Golimar / Ghulam Rasool Rakhwani (PPP)
Result UC 7 Jahanabad / Ali Raza Baloch (PPP)
Result UC 8 Qasba Colony / Syed Munawwar Hussain (MQM)
Result UC 9 Islamia Colony / Najeeb ullah Khan (PMLN)
Result UC 10 Peer abad / NAbi Sarwar Afridi (Ind)
Result UC 11 Baloch Goth / Aslam Pervaiz (MQM)
Result UC 12 Data Nagar / Mueen uddin (MQM)
Result UC 13 Mujahid Abad / Shahid Anjum Khan (MQM)
Result UC 14 Banaras Colony / Nawaz Khan (Jamat e Islami)
Result UC 15 Frontier Colony / Hajat Khan (PTI)
Result UC 16 Ghazi Abad / Naeem Khan (MQM)
Result UC 17 Benazir Colony/ Masood Alam (MQM)
Result UC 18 Muhammad Nagar / Shehzada Shabab Ahmad (MQM)
Result UC 19 Iqbal Baloch / Ishtiaq Ahmad (MQM)
Result UC 20 Hanif Abad / Jamil Ahmad Warsi (MQM)
Result UC 21 Haryana Colony / Abdul Qayyum Khan (Jamat e Islami)
Result UC 22 Hussain Abad / Haider Shah (Ind)
Result UC 23 Momin Abad / Alam Zeb (ANP)
Result UC 24 Shah Waliullah Nagar / Syed Khalil Ahmad (MQM)
Result UC 25 Madina Colony / Zaheer Abbas (MQM)
Result UC 26 Chishti Nagar / Sheikh Muhammad Kaleem (MQM)
Result UC 27 Jinnah Colony / Bashir Ahmad (MQM)
Result UC 28 Bilal Colony Orangi / Kaleem uddin (MQM)
Result UC 29 Ghaos Nagar / Nadir Hussain (MQM)
Result UC 30 Saeed Abad / Sted Farid Shah (MQM)
Result UC 31 Abid Abad / Amanullah Afridi (PMLN)
Result UC 32 Muslim Mujahid Colony / Altaf Hussain (PPP)
Result UC 33 Gulshan Ghazi / Waqar Ahmad (PMLN)
Result UC 34 Turk Colony / Zahid Mahmood (MQM)
Result UC 35 Rasheed Abad / Noman Khan (MQM)
Result UC 36 Ittehad Town / Muhammad Rafiq Khan (PMLN)
Result UC 37 Navel Colony / Saeed ullah Khan Afridi (PMLN)
Result UC 38 Yousaf Goth / Jahangir Abrar (MQM)
Result UC 39 Meymar Abad / Sarwar Iqbal (MQM)
Result UC 40 Maripur / Shuaib Deenu Khan (Ind)
Result UC 41 Baba Bhat / Muhammad Hanif (PPP)
Result UC 42 Machhar Colony / Muhammad Alauddin (Muslim League – Sher e Bungal)
Result UC 43 Kemari / Salar Khan (PMLN)
Result UC 44 Bhutta Village / Shujat Ali Khan (PTI)
Result UC 45 Gulshan Sikandar Abad / Shah Nawaz Jadoon (PTI)
Result UC 46 Sultan Abad / Afsar Khan (PTI)

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