LG By Elections Islamabad in 2 Union Councils (UC 48 & 49)

LG By Elections in ICT Islamabad in 2 Union Councils (UC 48 & 49)

Islamabad(Saturday, 24th September 2016) – In Islamabad today by polls are being held in 2 union councils (UCs) of UC 48 and UC 49. Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected through the right of vote. These areas are located in the Rural localities of Islamabad District. Detail of Areas and contesting candidates are given bellow:-

UC No.48 Islamabad :- This LG constituency (Halqa) is based on the areas of Sangjani and Sarai Khurboza. There is one to one contest is being expected between two major political parties of Pakistan i.e PMLN and PTI. Malik Muhammad Imtiaz is candidate of Chairman,an from Tehreek e Insaf having election symbol of Bat. While Muslim League (N) has fielded Ghazanfar Ali Khan having election symbol of Tiger.

UC No.49 Islamabad:- This local Government constituency is located in Shah Allah Ditta Area of Islamabad Rural Area.  In this Halqa contest is between PMLN’s candidate of Chairman and an independent candidate of chairman backed by other political parties like PTI and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Zaki Shah is candidate of Chairman Post having party ticket of PMLN and election symbol Tiger. While Malik Jamshaid is contesting as independent candidate with the support of PTI & PPP.

Detail Result will be published on this website also. So wait till evening ..Good Luck!

Result UC 48 Islamabad Polling Station Wise

Result UC 49 Islamabad Polling Station Wise


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