Malir Karachi Local Body Election Results 2015

Malir District Karachi Local Body Election Results 2015

Karachi/Malir (Saturday, December 5, 2015) – Today polling in Malir District, Karachi held today. Large number of political parties are contesting. Malir District consist of following Areas of Karachi Division:-


Malir District UC Results 2015Daud Chowrungi, Muslim Abad, Muzaffarabad, Majeed Colony, Cattle (Bhains) Colony, Khuld Abad, Qaid Abad, Mueen Abad, Sharafi Goth, Ghazi Daood, Barohi Goth, Malir Extension, Jaffir Tayyar Colony, Aasoo Goth, Gulshan Ahbab, Shabana Town, Gulshan Qadri, Mansehra Colony, Muzaffar Abad, Malir Mundar, Shahab Daad Goth, Haji Sokhio Goth, Adam Hungoro Goth with Shahrah Faisal Highway.


Malir District has total population of 14 lac persons. While total Voters are 6.5 Lac approximately.

Contesting Political Parties

In Malir District following parties are contesting elections with numbers of candidates for Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councilors:-

Total Union Committees (UC) = 13

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Total Candidates = 72 (Arrow)

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) = 60 (Bat)

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) = 43 (Tiger)

Mutahidda Qaumi Movenet (MQM) = 40 (Kite)

Jamat e Islami (JI) = 38 (Tarazo)

Awami National Party (ANP) = 10 (Lantern)

MWM = 6 (Tent)

Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) = 6 (Candle)

JUI-F = 11 (Book)

Independent Candidates = 214

Detail Results of Union Committees/Union Councils (UCs)

Union Committee/ Union Council NosWinner Candidate Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors with Party Name (MQM, PPP, ANP, JUI-F, PML-N, PTI, Jamat e Islami, Independent)
Result UC 1 Daud Chowrungi / Maulana Muhammad Zareen (Jamat e Islami Pakistan)
Result UC 2 Muslim Abad / Syed Sher Saeed (PMLN)
Result UC 3 Muzaffarabad / Maulana Ehsanullah  (JUI-F)
Result UC 4 Majeed Colony / Muhammad Feroze Khan
Result UC 5 Bhains Colony / Abdul Rahem Shah (PMLN)
Result UC 6 Khuld Abad / Syed Muzammil Shah (PPP)
Result UC 7 Quaidabad-1 / Hakeem Khan (PMLN)
Result UC 8 Quaidabad-2 / Muhammad Amin Mana (PMLN)
Result UC 9 Sharafi Goth / Nazar Muhammad Baloch (Ind)
Result UC 10 Ghazi Daud Barohi / Muhammad Akhtar (PPP)
Result UC 11 Jaffir Tayyar / Syed Nasir Abbas (MQM)
Result UC 12 Ghareeb Abad / Pir Muhammad Siddiq Shah (PPP)
Result UC 13 Bhittai Abad / Allah Dinu Soomro (PPP)

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