Mazaar Hazrat Yousuf Shah Gerdez (RA) Multan

Mazar of Hazrat Yousuf Shah Gerdez (RA) Multan

Location Plan
After entering Bohar Gate, when we go to the main bazar then after a few yards on the left side a street straight goes to the shrine of Hazrat Yusaf Shah Gerdez (RA). This area is known as Mohallah Shah Gerdez (RA).
After half a furlong on the right side in this street there is a shrine of Hazrat Shah Gerdez(RA). A number of other graves can also be seen here. The building of the shrine look very beautiful due to blue tiles (Multani Kashi work).

Hazrat Shah Yusaf Gerdez (RA) born in 450 BC (1050 AD) in the district Gerdez near Ghazni (Afghanistan). You came to Multan in 481 BC by the order of their grandfather. At that time Multan had ruined due to the attacks of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi. You (RA) went to HazratMauj Derya and he welcomed you.

The construction style of your shrine is very different from other shrines of Multan. In history it is said that when you (RA) came to Multan, the river destroyed Multan every year but you prayed to God to save Multan from the destruction of water and your pray accepted.

Shrine Model in London
In history of Multan it is also found that the model of your ancient shrine has also been kept in safe custody in the London India office. It is an old saying that you (RA) came to Multan while riding on a lion keeping snake in hand while pigeons were covering your head.

Tomb/Shrine/Mazar of Hazrat Yousuf Shah Gardezi between Bohar Gate and Ghanta Ghar Chowk Multan - Location Map

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