Multan Local Body Election Results 2015

Multan Local Body Election Results 2015

Today local Body Elections / Local Govt. Election held in Multan. A good contest has been witnessed all Union Councils and Wards of City and rural areas. In Multan City Elections mostly between PTI and PMLN. While in rural Areas and Small towns Contest remained between PML-N and Independent candidates contesting on various election symbols.  In UC No.32 Brother of MNA Amir Dogar is contesting (Adnan Dogar) with PMLN Naeem Sheikh. In Gulgasht UC No.4 also Contest id Between Zarar Khan of PTI and PMLN Kausar Shah and Rao Anees ul Rehman. In New Multan and Shah Ruk e Alam contest on UC 15 and UC 16 is also very interesting. In Mumtazabad, Chowk Shah Abbas and MDA Chowk also historical contests are been seen.

Detail of Results of Municipal Corporation Multan (68 UCs)

Result Update:- PML-N Win in 37 Union Councils, PTI in 13 and in 17 UCs Independent Candidates and PPPP won in 1 UC.

Union Council NosWinner Candidate Chairman/Vice Chairman/Councilors and Party Name (PPP, PMLQ, AML, PAT, Rah-i-Haq, JUI-F, PML-N, PTI, Jamat e Islami, Independent)
Result UC 1 Nizam Abad /(Ind) Zahid Khan/Shahid Bhatti
Result UC 2Ameer Abad / PMLN’s Malik Ejaz Rajwana
Result UC 3Shadab Colony /PTI’s Muhammad Asim Kalro
Result UC 4Gugasht Colony / PTI’s Zarar Khan
Result UC 5Usman Abad /(Ind) Rao Mazhar ul Islam won (PMLN Local leaders)
Result UC 6Officers Colony / (Ind) Ch. Qaisar Mehmood Gujjar Wins
Result UC 7 Abid Colony / PTI’s Shaiekh Fiaz Ahmad
Result UC 8Shamas Abad / PMLN’s Akbar Ali Ansari
Result UC 9 Wahdat Colony / PMLN’s Sheikh Nadeem
Result UC 10 Khushhaal Colony / (Ind) Rana Amjad Ali
Result UC 11Hassan Abad /  PMLN’s Ch. Aslam HUMAYOON
Result UC 12 Mehria Colony / PTI’s Rana Arif
Result UC 13Behari Colony  (Ind) Mehmood Ahmad Qureshi
Result UC 14Shah Ruk e Alam Colony /  PTI’s Babar Shah
Result UC 15New Multan / (Ind) Haji Rafiq Ahmad (PMLN Affiliated)
Result UC 16Ghaus Pura / PMLN’s Hamid Arain / Bao Abdul Majeed
Result UC 17 Sharif Pura / PMLN’s  Amjad Ali Ansari
Result UC 18 Memona Abad /PTI’s Shakeel Sakhawat
Result UC 19 Ansar Colony / PMLN’s Master Saeed Ansari
Result UC 20 Writers Colony / PMLN’s Imran Arshad
Result UC 21Awan Pura /  PMLN’s Malik Tahir Abbas Awan
Result UC 22Manzoor Abad /  PMLN’s Khalil Ahmad Ansari
Result UC 23Mohalla Khawajgaan /  PTI’s Imran Rashed Solehri
Result UC 24 Mohallah Hazarian / PMLN’s Malik Aslam Dogar
Result UC 25 Ittefaq Pura /PMLN’s Haji Saeed Ansari (Unopposed elected)
Result UC 26Iqbal Nagar / (Ind) Siddique Ansari
Result UC 27Qasab Pura /  (Ind) Kh. Suleman Siddiqui
Result UC 28Shah Baraung  / (Ind) Yousaf Rongha
Result UC 29 Khangah Inayat Shah / PMLN’s Rana Muhammad Naeem
Result UC 30Shah Risal / PMLN’s Muhammad Qaswar Bhatti
Result UC 31 Hassan Parwana / (Ind) Zahid Adnan Guddu (PMLN Worker)
Result UC 32Jalil Abad / PTI’s Adnan Dogar Wins (Brother of MNA Amir Dogar)
Result UC 33 Nawan Shehr /Baghban Pura / (Ind) Ch. Ejaz Fakhar
Result UC 34Qadeerabad/Bagh Langay Khan / PMLN’s Jalil Khan Babar
Result UC 35 Nishtar Town / (Ind) Saleem ullah Khan Won
Result UC 36  Sadiq Colony / PMLN ‘s Risalat Sherwani
Result UC 37 Latif Abad / PMLN’s Rehmat Ali Rehmani
Result UC 38 Sheesha factory / PTI’s Sajid Nawaz
Result UC 39 Gulnar Colony / PTI’s Munawwar Ali Qureshi
Result UC 40Wilayat Abad /  PMLN’s Ch. Abdul Sattar Arain
Result UC 41Timber Market / Lakkar Mandi / (Ind) Haji Shabbir Ansari
Result UC 42Siddiq Abad /  PTI’s Malik Muhammad Abbas
Result UC 43Ashraf Colony /  PMLN’s Malik Nasir Bhutta
Result UC 44Abbas Pura /  PMLN’s Malik Zahoor Hussain Bhutta
Result UC 45Rangeel Pur /PMLN’s  Iftikhar Javaid Arain
Result UC 46 Peer Colony /  PMLN’s Malik Latif Maitla
Result UC 47Gulzeb Colony/New Shah Shams Colony / PTI’s Sheikh Tahir Qureshi
Result UC 48 Nazimabad /  (Ind) Ghulam Shabbir Bhatti
Result UC 49 Lohar Colony / PMLN’s Muhammad Tufail Ishaq Chohan
Result UC 50 Mumtazabad / peoples Colony / PMLN’s Rana Ashraf Taaj
Result UC 51 Qasimpur Colony / PMLN’s Mirza Sarfaraz Baig
Result UC 52Punjnad Colony /  PMLN’s Liaqat Ali Arain
Result UC 53 Ajmeer Colony Vehari Road /PMLN’s Naveed ul Haq Arain
Result UC 54 Raam kali / (Ind) Rana Sajjad
Result UC 55 Basti Shorkot / PMLN’s Haji Azhar Hussain Chogatta
Result UC 56 Gaus Abad / PTI’s Sardar Ejaz Dogar
Result UC 57 Mohallah Kamangran / PMLN’s Zahid Bashir
Result UC 58 Mohallah Gilanian Old City / PMLN’s Wasif Mahmood Butt

UC 58 Multan Chairman Wasif Mehmood Butt (PMLN) with Supporters after Winning
UC 58 Multan Chairman Wasif Mehmood Butt (PMLN) with Supporters after Winning
Result UC 59Bazar Umer Farooq / PMLN‘s Akhtar Alam Qureshi
Result UC 60 Bakhar Aarbi-I / PMLN’s Munawar Ehsan Qureshi (Elected Unopposed)
Result UC 61  Bakhar Aarbi-2 / (Ind) Akbar Lala
Result UC 62Qutub Pur /  PMLN’s Ch. Muhammad Iqbal
Result UC 63Seetal Mari / PMLN’s Malik Abdul Raheem
Result UC 64Peeran Gaib-1  / PMLN’s  Azhar Chawan
Result UC 65Peeran Gaib-2 / PMLN’s Ghulam Sarwar Ansari
Result UC 66 Jahangeer Abad / PMLN’s  Muhammad Bukhsh
Result UC 67 Neel kot / PPP’s  Shakeel Labar
Result UC 68 Taraf Mubarak Doim /PMLN’s Muzaffar Yasin

Detail of Results of District Council Multan (117 UCs)

Result UC 69 Durana Langana / PPP’s Asif Nazar Daher
Result UC 70 Jahagir Abad / PMLN’s Nazar Muhammad Bhatti
Result UC 71 Seetal Mari / Rao Muhammad Akram
Result UC 72 Ram Kali / PMLN’s Ibrahim Madni
Result UC 73 Shumali Kaiyan Pur / PMLN’s Fiaz Wahid
Result UC 74 Alamgeer / Jamshaid Labar (PTI)
Result UC 75 Jungle Bahaera / Haji Jahangeer
Result UC 76 Muzaffarabad / Asghar Shah
Result UC 77 Jhakhar Pur / Majeed Majid
Result UC 78 Tiba Masood Pur / Kamran Sun
Result UC 79 Qasim bela / PMLN’s Sarfaraz Khore
Result UC 80 Muhammad Pur Ghota / Arshad Mait
Result UC 81 Raaj Ghat / Malik Rafiq Sundela
Result UC 82 Almadi Soora / PMLN’s Haji Muhammad Siddiq
Result UC 83 Jhok Wains / PPP’s Malik Atta
Result UC 84 Ailum Pur / PPP’s Malik Allah yar
Result UC 85 Bosan / PMLN’s Aamir Khan
Result UC 86 Election Postponed due death of candidate
Result UC 87 Mattital / PPP’s Ghulam Dastagir
Result UC 88 Anayat Pur Mahota / PMLN’s Hussnain Bosan
Result UC 89 Punjkoaa / PMLN’s Muhammad Aamir
Result UC 90 Saleh Mahey / PMLN’s  Ghulam Abbad mahet
Result UC 91 Basti Nao / PMLN’s Raha Waheed Mustafa
Result UC 92 Nawab Pur / PMLN’s Umer Mangana
Result UC 93 Lutf Abad / PPP’s Hajiz Nasir Khan
Result UC 94 Bundela Sindela / PMLN’s Mujahid Sundela
Result UC 95 Taj pur Sundela / PMLN’s Mushtaq Kalro
Result UC 96 Shershah / PMLN’s  Makhdoom Zada Muhammad Ali Shah
Result UC 97 Khokhran / PTI’s Umar Farooq
Result UC 98 Hamid Pur Kanora / Muhammad Afzal
Result UC 99 Ambala / PMLN’s Malik Nazeer Ahmad
Result UC 100 Ferozepur / Dr. Khalid Khokhar (Independent Candidate)
Result UC 101 Qasba Maral-1 / Mian Muhammad Asif Maral
Result UC 102 Qasba Maral-II / PMLN’s Mian Jahangir Maral
Result UC 103 Juddar / PPP’s Mian Basir ul Rehman Bodla
Result UC 104 Rana Wahan /PTI’s Hafiz muhammad raza
Result UC 105Taraggar / PMLN’s Muhammad Anwar Anjum
Result UC 106 Basti Malook / PTI’s Dr. Fiaz Hussain
Result UC 107 Qadirpur Laar / PMLN’s Rao Abdul Qayyum
Result UC 108 Mubarak Pur / PPP’s Muhammad Haseeb Shah
Result UC 109 Qasba Maral-4 / PTI’s Mian Umair Maral
Result UC 110 Kabir Pur / PTI’s Haji Muhammad nawaz
Result UC 111 Laar / Muhammad Imran
Result UC 112 Chak 5 Faiz / PTI’s Muhamamd Ali Khakwani
Result UC 113 Rud / PTI’s Khan Mumtaz
Result UC 114 Billi wala / Munawwar Hussain
Result UC 115 Chak 1 Faiz / PMLN’s Jaodat Kamran
Result UC 116 Sher Singh Wala / PMLN’s Fiaz Hussain
Result UC 117 Chak 18-MR / PMLN’s  Ch. Faisal Iqbal
Result UC 118 Botay Wala / Iqbal hussain
Result UC 119 Khan Pur Maral / Allauddin
Result UC 120 Kot Rab nawaz / PMLN’s Allah Ditta Naseem
Result UC 121 Domra / PMLN’s Malik Zulfiqar Dogar
Result UC 122 Jhoke Lashkar Pur / PMLN’s Muhammad Sharif
Result UC 123 Jalal Abad / PMLN’s Abdul Rehman
Result UC 124Mukhdoon rasheed /  PTI’s Liaqat Ali Shah
Result UC 125Chak 2MR / PTI’sMuhamamd Shafiq
Result UC 126Malik Farrukh Naseem Ran (PMLN’s MNA Abdul Ghaffar Dogar Group)
Result UC 127 Kirpal Pur / PMLN’s Chaudhry Khalil ul Rehman
Result UC 128 Tatey Pur / PPP’s Hafiz Altaf Hussain
Result UC 129 Kothay Wala / PPP’s Muhamamd Ahmad Gujjar
Result UC 130 Bhudhla Sant / PTI’s Javed Iqbal bagga
Result UC 131 Chatha / PMLN’s Ch. Abdul Shakoor Gujjar
Result UC 132 Khaggay Wala / PPP’s Naoroze Manay Mahey
Result UC 133 Kotla Maharan / PTI’s Dalair Khan
Result UC 134 Kunwari Tomak / PTI’s Dilbar Khan
Result UC 135 Loothar / PPP’s Khald Nawaz
Result UC 136 Baungle Wala Sharqi / PTI’s farooq Ahmad
Result UC 137 Qadirpur Ran Shehr / PTI’s Malik Javed Babar Ran 
Result UC 138
Result UC 139 Ponta / PMLN’s Wajid Ali Shah
Result UC 140 Dair Pur / PMLN’s Muhammad Khurshed Zia
Result UC 141 Chak RS / PMLN’s Mujahid Ali Shah
Result UC 142 Sikandar Abad / PMLN’s Qadeer Khan
Result UC 143 Todar Pur / Muhammad Fiaz Sahu
Result UC 144 Khoja / PTI’s Asif Khan
Result UC 145 Shahpur Obhaya / PMLN’s Rana Saeed
Result UC 146 Gajju Hatta / Rana Aslam Noon
Result UC 147 PMLN’s  Shaukat Noon
Result UC 148 Muhammad Ayyaz Bodla
Result UC 149 Mari Noon / Hassan Muhammad
Result UC 150 Kotli Najabat / Malik Muhammad Hussain
Result UC 151 Shah Musa / Munawwar Khan
Result UC 152 Matotli / Syed Israr ul Hassan
Result UC 153 Rasool Pur / PMLN’s Malik Ghulam Muhammad
Result UC 154 Thatha Khalwan / Munawwar Iqbal
Result UC 155 Qaisar Pur / Syed Adil jamshed
Result UC 156 Obara Shumali / Shafat Aziz
Result UC 157 Khawan / Ghulam Rasul
Result UC 158 Punjani / PTI’s Zulfiqar Khakhi
Result UC 159 Jalalpur Khakhi / Ejaz Ahmad
Result UC 160 Mohan Pur / Rana Shafiq
Result UC 161 Result not Announced
Result UC 162 Gardez Pur / Rana Shahzad
Result UC 163 Rukn Hatti / Sajid Lungah
Result UC 164 Karam Wala / PMLN’s Malik Wahid Bukhsh
Result UC 165 Lal Wah / PMLN’s Amir mehmood Khan
Result UC 166 Mian Pur belay Wala / PMLN’s Kashif zafar
Result UC 167 Gaggu Wala / Nazar Muhammad
Result UC 168 Kenhoon / Munawwar hussain Khan
Result UC 169 bahadur Pur / Malik Saleem nawaz
Result UC 170 Kotla Chakar / PMLN’s Muhamamd Sher
Result UC 171 Diyal / Muhammad Fiaz
Result UC 172 Nao raja Bhutta / Malik Mumtaz Ghallu
Result UC 173 Shujat Pur / PMLN’s Nadeem Abbas
Result UC 174 Dorab Pur / Rana Muhammad Afsar
Result UC 175 Shehni / PMLN’s Faiz Rasool Khan
Result UC 176 Karam Wali / PMLN’s Malik Irshad Ahmad
Result UC 177 Bait Kuch / Jam Nusrat Durg
Result UC 178 Bait Kuch Shumali . Jam Nusrat iqbal
Result UC 179 Inayat Pur / Malik Niaz Ahmad
Result UC 180 Alipur Sadat / PMLN’s Dewan Abbas Bukhari
Result UC 181 Ghazi Pur / PMLN’s Saleem Akhtar Khan
Result UC 182 Kotli Adil / PMLN’s Muhamamd Abbas
Result UC 183 Bely Sharif / PMLN’s Muhamamd iqbal joiya
Result UC 184Jahan Pur / PMLN’s Khurshed Lungah
Result UC 185 Hafiz Wala / PTI’s Malik Fiaz Laang

Detail Result of Municipal Committee Shujabad (12 Wards)

Ward No.Winner Candidate Member /Councilors with Party Name (PPP, PML-N, PMLQ, PTI, JI, Rah e Haq, Independent)
Result Ward 1
Result Ward 2
Result Ward 3
Result Ward 4
Result Ward 5
Result Ward 6
Result Ward 7
Result Ward 8
Result Ward 9
Result Ward 10
Result Ward 11
Result Ward 12

Detail Result of Municipal Committee Jalapur Pirwala (12 Wards)

Ward No.Winner Candidate Member /Councilors with Party Name (PPP, PML-N, PMLQ, PTI, JI, Rah e Haq, Independent)
Result Ward 1
Result Ward 2
Result Ward 3
Result Ward 4
Result Ward 5
Result Ward 6
Result Ward 7
Result Ward 8
Result Ward 9
Result Ward 10
Result Ward 11
Result Ward 12
Multan District UC Results 2015
Multan District UC Results 2015

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