Municipal Committee Chakwal – List of Candidates with Symbols

Municipal Committee Chakwal – List of Candidates with Symbols

Chakwal (Sunday, October 4, 2015) – In Chakwal district polling for local body election will be  held on October 31, 2015.  Final list of candidates with election symbols has been issued by returning officer.  In Chakwal City, Municipal Committee has thirty-seven (37)  wards. Detail of candidates list of all political parties contesting are given bellow:- In 12 Wards PML-N panel exist, While in 10 Ward PTI panel is fighting. PTI’s local leader has  Ali Nasir Bhatti told taht his party will win 25 seats out of 37 seats in election if rigging did not occur in election. His party has placed 33 candidates in 37 wards, while we are supporting 4 like minded candidates also.

Ward No.1

Malik Noor Hussain (Tiger), Abdul Ghafoor Siddiq (Motor Cycle), Ansar Mahmood (Balti)

Ward No.2

Naveed Akhtar (Tiger/Shair), Ch. Waseem Zafar (Bally Baaz), Arif Ameer (Motor Cycle), Mazhar Javaid (Heera)

Ward No.3

Maqbool Ahmad (Tiger), Muhammad Bashir (Bat / Balla)

Ward No.4

Abid Hussain Minhas (Tiger), Mazhar Hussain (Bat)

Ward No.5

Shakeel Ahmad (Tiger), Abdul Khaliq (Bat), Shahid Manzoor (Para-shoot)

Ward No.6

Ch. Aurangzeb  (Tiger), Al-haaj Yousuf Malik(Bat)

Ward No.7

Zulfiqar Hussain  (Tiger), Ghulam Ali Minhas (Almari), Ghulam Raza (Balti), Malik Mukhtar Hussain (Bally Baaz)

Ward No.8

Rizwan Javed (Bat), Malik Abdul Qayyum (Heera), Mudassir Bashir (Balti), Mumtaz Khan (Geezer)

Ward No.9

Zafar Mehmood (Tiger), Tanveer Abbas (Bat), Abid Hussain (Balti)

Ward No.10

Jaffir Sultan (Tiger), Ghulam Hussain (Bat), Husnain Bilal (Balti)

Ward No.11

Umair Farooq (Tiger), Shaukat Nawaz (Bat)

Ward No.12

Muhammad Saleem (Tiger), Qamar (Bat), Faisal Shabbir (Heera)

Ward No.13

Chaudhry Sajjad Ahmed Khan (Tiger), Raja Muhammad Arif (Bat), Usman Ghani (Motor Cycle)

Ward No.14

Haji Nazeer Sultan (Tiger), Muhammad Moeen Akhtar (Balti)

(List Incomplete)

Chakwal City Complete Map - Municipal Committee

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