NA 128 Matiari/Hyderabad – Detail Polling Stations for By Elections 2016

NA 128 Matiari/Hyderabad – Detail Polling Stations for By Elections 2016

NA 218 Polling Station Detail for By Election 2016
NA 218 Polling Station Detail for By Election 2016

Hyderabad Sindh (Thursday, January 7th, 2016) – In the National Assembly constituency of NA-218 Matiari / Hyderabad, By poll are being held on Monday, January 18, 2016. Election Commission of Pakistan has arranged all essential arrangement for the fair and free polling process. This seat was vacated after the death of central leader of PPPP and member National Assembly (MNA), Mr. Makhdoom Amin Fahim. This area has influence of Makhdum of Hala.

ECp has established 263 polling stations. Detail of each polling station with number of votes are given bellow. ECP has made google maps for the said Halqa in by election also.

Detail of Polling Station established in Constituency NA- 218 – MATIARI-CUM-HYDERABAD (OLD HYDERABAD-I)
Polling Station NosNameMale VotersFemale VotersTotal Voters
1GBPS- Wapda Colony (Male) (P)103601036
2GBPS- Wapda Colony (Female) (P)010031003
3GGDC- Hala (Male) (P)153901539
4GGDC- Hala (Female) (P)013891389
5O/C Talib-ul- Moula School-II (Male) (P)107701077
6GBPS- Makhdoom Piniladho Hala (Female) (P)0956956
7GBPS- Memon Mohallah (Male) (P)6760676
8GBPS Muslim Anjum Front Side (Female) (P)0663663
9Govt. Vocational Institute, Hala (Male) (P)177701777
10GGPS- Talib-ul- Moula Colony, Hala (Female) (P)014931493
11Special Education School, Hala (Male) (P)6640664
12GBPS-Muslim Anjum Hala Back Side (Female). (P)0590590
13GBPS- Makhdoom Mohd Zaman (Male) (P)104101041
14GGHS-Hala (Female) (P)010451045
15GGMS- Makhdoom Nooh Hala-II (Male) (P)108201082
16GGPS- Mukhdoom Saeed-ul-Zaman (Female) (P)0895895
17MGHS, Hala New (Male) (P)136401364
18MGHS, Hala New (Female) (P)012891289
19MGHS, Hala New (Male) (P)143101431
20MGHS, Hala New (Female) (P)012231223
21GBPS- Makhdoom Piniladho, Hala (Combined) (P)459422881
22GBPS- Sandhan (Male) (P)9550955
23GGPS- Sandhan (Female) (P)0886886
24Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Male) (P)9920992
25Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Female) (P)0957957
26Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Male) (P)103801038
27Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Female) (P)0995995
28Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Male) (P)140501405
29Sarweri Islamia Digree Collage Hala (Female) (P)012001200
30Town Committee Saeedabad (Male) (P)6700670
31Town Committee Saeedabad (Female) (P)0553553
32GGPS Saeedabad (Male) (P)145101451
33GGPS Saeedabad (Female) (P)012201220
34GBHS- Saeedabad (Male) (P)161001610
35GGMS- Saeedabad (Female) (P)013731373
36GGMS- Saeedabad (Male) (P)162001620
37GBPS- Main Saeedabad (Female) (P)012361236
38GBPS Pir Bilawali (Combined) (P)6926271319
39GBPS Jamal Hajano (Combined) (P)203179382
40GBPS Saeed Khan Legari (Male) (P)154601546
41GBPS Saeed Khan Legari (Female) (P)012331233
42GBPS Barocho Bag Combined (P)5635471110
43GBPS Hamzo Baber (Combind) (P)422424846
44GBPS Jamal Dahri (Combined) (P)5925401132
45GBPS Allah Bux Balal (Combined) (P)325328653
46GBPS, Mari Muhammad Khan (Combined) (P)7758041579
47GBPS Meeranpur (Combine)397442839
48GBHS Bhanoth (Combined) (P)6475281175
49Union Council Office Bhanoth (Female) (P)010831083
50GBPS Bhanoth (Male) (P)116301163
51GBPS Shah Muhammad Dahri (Combined) (P)9668701836
52GPS Rahound (Combined) (P)484447931
53GPS Haji Hassan Gahothi (Combined) (P)7826711453
54GBPS Jamal Khan Nizamani (Combined) (P)4975241021
55GBPS Lal Muhammad Chand (Combined) (P)315291606
56GBPS Ali Muhammad Nizamani (Combined) (P)497447944
57GBPS Qasim Bughio (Combined) (P)7616461407
58GBPS Sultan Sahato (Combined) (P)5564481004
59GBPS Allah Bux Nizamani (Combined) (P)6696171286
60GBPS K.K. Nizamani (Male) (P)110301103
61GGPS K.K. Nizamani (Female) (P)0959959
62GBPS Muhammad Ali Ahpan (Combined) (P)5534991052
63GGPS Maroof Bhambhro (Combined) (P)375375750
64GBPS Dabhri (Combined) (P)8877611648
65GBPS Luqman Korejo (Male) (P)134901349
66GGPS Luqman Korejo (Female) (P)013231323
67GBPS- Makhdoom Ghulam Hyder (Landhi) (Combined)6656111276
68GHS- Hala Old (Male) (P)210302103
69GGHS- Hala Old (Female) (P)018081808
70GBPS- Mulla Sanai (Gul Mohd Qureshi) (Male) (P114201142
71GGPS- Mulla Sanai (Gul Mohd Qureshi) (Female) (P)0829829
72GBPS- Hala Old Mohd Rafiqe-ul Zaman (Male) (P)4430443
73GGPS- Sarwari colony Hala Old (Female) (P)0442442
74GBPS- Khanoth (Male) (P)121901219
75Govt Dispansary – Khanoth (Female) (P)012261226
76GBPS- Shakal Chand (Combined) (P)5365341070
77GBPS- Mahar Faqir (Laiqe Dino Faqir) (Combined) (P)380374754
78GBPS-Gamoo Jarah (Combined) (P)6806601340
79GBPS- Madarsa Muhammadia (Combined) (P)438346784
80GBPS- Khando (Male) (P)137701377
81GGPS- Khando (Female) (P)012021202
82GBPS- Soof Bhacho (Combined) (P)269212481
83GBPS- Wado Salaro (Combined) (P)6225071129
84GBPS, Bakhar Jamali (Combined) (P)5065101016
85GGHS, Bakhar Jamali (Combined) (P)489460949
86GBHS, Bakhar Jamali (Male)5200520
87GGHS, Bakhar Jamali (Female) (P)0532532
88Govt: Pri. School, Dhangano Jamali (Combined) (P)470401871
89GBPS-Ali Murad Jamali (Combined) (P)472462934
90GBPS-Jan Muhammad Jamali (Combined) (P)465448913
91GBPS Bago Jamali (Combined) (P)6155411156
92GBPS Baloch Khan Jamali (Combined) (P)369286655
93GBHS- Mir Muhammad Detho (Combined)7967331529
94GBPS- Mushtaque abad (Combined)6255921217
95GBPS- Kot Bhanojo (Combined)356340696
96GBPS- Panjmoro (Combined)6556341289
97GMS- Panjmoro (Combined)391321712
98GBPS-Shemir Rahu (Combined)209212421
99GBPS- Jumoon Hajano (Combined)407417824
100GBLSS- Shahmir Rahu (Combined)7667271493
101GBLSS- Kaher Jamali (Combined)5244791003
102GBPS, Pahar Jamali (Combined)6626451307
103GBPS Nabi Bux Jamali Combined)7066591365
104GBPS- Khan Muhammad Ujjan (Combined)419382801
105GBPS- Khuda Bux Kaka (Combined)495401896
106GBPS- A. Bilawal Kaka (Combined)418362780
107GBHS Mohd Zaman Talib-ul Moula Bhalidino Kaka (Combined) (P)7105961306
108GBPS- Pull Kaka (Combined)442421863
109GBPS- Sarchoon Kaka (Combined)454439893
110GBPS- Agro Rahu (Combined)6064441050
111GBPS- Lutuf Rahu (Combined)428421849
112GBPS- Gaji Rahu (Combined)326305631
113GBPS- Acchi Masjid Rahu (Combined)5895421131
114GBPS – Khuda Bux Dal (Combined)280326606
115GBPS- Rajab Ali Zardari (Combined)528447975
116GGPS- Bego Kaka (Combined)504478982
117U.C Office Old Faqirabad (Combind).344341685
118GBPS- Ilyas Abrejo (Combined)7086411349
119GBHS- Pir Jhando (Combined)377311688
120GBPS- Amin Lakho (Combined)7977181515
121GBPS-Muhammad Ali Turk (Combined)300272572
122GBPS- Shahnshah (Combined)7797791558
123GBPS- Pir Bux Khoso (Combined)6926741366
124GBPS- Mavo Chhachhar (Combined)476477953
125GBPS- Shah Muhammad Gahoti (Male)7230723
126GBPS- Shah Muhammad Gahoti (Female)0685685
127GBPS-Saeedabad Old (Combined)4905321022
128GMS-Saeedabad Old (Combined)5955351130
129GBPS- Mohd Khan Machi (Combined)486452938
130GBPS- Delo Keti (Karo Keti) (Combined) (P)5925371129
131GBHS, Mansoorah (Male)129501295
132GBHS, Mansoorah (Female)011811181
133GBPS- Jado Gahoti (Combined)404304708
134GBPS- Tayyab Daheri (Combined)432450882
135GBPS- Siddique Sathio (Combine)496486982
136GBPS- Yousif Hajano (Combined)5374941031
137GBPS-Abdul Wahid Buriro (Combined)5145371051
138GBPS- Zair Pir (Combined)7125801292
139GBPS- Awal Chachar (Combined)7977511548
140GBPS- Ganhwer Zardari (Combined)455403858
141GBPS- Ramzan Uner (Combined)5935871180
142GBPS- Kareem Bux Chandio (Combined)440412852
143GMDMS, Matiari (Male)122601226
144Govt: Girls College Matiari (Female)010261026
145UC office Matirai (Male)9270927
146GGHS,Matiari (Female)0803803
147Govt: Muhammad Dawood High School Matiari (Male)7560756
148Govt. Girls College, Matiari (Female)0655655
149GBPS Matiari (Male)134001340
150GGPS, Matiari (Female)010981098
151GMDMS, Matiari (Male)175301753
152GGC, Matiari (Female)014451445
153GBPS Kachi Mohallah (Combined)5404961036
154GHS Oderolal Staion (Combine)9547921746
155GHSS Oderal Satation (Combine)7656561421
156GGPS Oderolal Station (Combine)7916941485
157GGHS Oderolal Staion (Combine)8487551603
158GBHSS, Bhit Shah (Male)268402684
159GGHS, Bhit Shah (Female)021782178
160GBC, Bhit Shah (Male)157701577
161GBPS-Dargah Sharif Bhit Shah (Female)012291229
162Rural Health Center Bhit Shah (Combined)7015771278
163GBPS- Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, (Male)150201502
164GBPS- Ali Wali-un- Waliullah., Bhit Shah (Female)013191319
165Govt: ( Boys) Primary School Misiri Jakherja (Combined)6265411167
166Govt: ( Boys) Primary School Male ji wasi (Combined)5945711165
167GPS, Sono Khan Khushk (Felame)013391339
168GPS, Jaima Ghuosia Tahiriya Matiari (Male)129501295
169GGPS-Dato Bhatti (Combined)530467997
170GBPS Rasheed Tagar (Combined)9559021857
171GGMS Sahib Sama (Combined)6905761266
172GGPS Soomar Chand (Combined)8378001637
173GBPS Memon Ji Wasi (Combined)442486928
174GGPS Qasim ji Wasi (Combined)449375824
175GBPS Dodo Mangwano (Combined)5765501126
176GDLSS- Shaikh Teer (Combined)6885241212
177GBPS-Jaindal Kot (Combined)9057211626
178GBPS- Jumma Khan Khosa (Combined)6065501156
179GPS Kot Farooque (Combined)471394865
180GBPS Mosque School Suleman Khaskheli (Combined)5214921013
181GBPS-Ghulam Hyder Joya(Combined)356402758
182GBLSS, Penar Hampota (Combined)8435691412
183GBPS, Dalel Mangrio (Combined) (Improvised)8247271551
184GBPS, Hafiz Ali Muhammad Detho (Combined)9588271785
185Govt.Dispensary, Shamir Ji Wasi (Combined)384379763
186Govt.Dispensary, Shamir Ji Wasi (Combined)8608261686
187GBPS, Hussain Bhambhro (Combined)123610402276
188GBPS, Bau Khan Pathan (Combined)8728091681
189GBPS-Integrated Chanesar Chutto (Combined)7667141480
190GBPS, Ayoub Barejo (Combined)533464997
191GBPS, Palijani (Combined)7987581556
192GBPS, Ahmed Khan Detho alias Lal Khan Batti (Combined)400345745
193GHSS,Palejani (Combined)8858531738
194GBPS, Muhib Palijo (Combined)405355760
195GBPS, Bux Batti (Combined)8477161563
196GBPS, Aloo Palijo (Combined)5394931032
197GBPS, Shahpur Darpur (Combined)9728791851
198GBHS, Shahpur Darpur (Combined)10299701999
199GBHS, Allah Dino Sand (Combined)9888631851
200GBPS, Allah Dino Sand (Combined)10349341968
201GBMS-Suleman Khatian (Combined)545426971
202GBPS- Arif Khatian (Combined)5324941026
203GBPS- Abdullah Unar(Combined)8347541588
204GBLSS- Sanghar Soomro (Combined)6865061192
205GBHS- Tajpur (Male)199001990
206GBHS- Tajpur (Female)018391839
207GBPS- Jam Samoon (Combined)5585261084
208GBPS- Rasheed Khyber (Combined).6506771327
209GBPS-Jumo Shahook (Combined).7106161326
210GBPS- Meenhon Macchi (Combined)410460870
211GBPS- Muhammad Soomar Burdi (Combined)5965691165
212GBPS Akhund Jo Khoh (Combined)7316691400
213GBPS Sekhat (Combined)5586161174
214GGHS Sekhat (Combined)10059321937
215GBHS Baudero (Combined)10119831994
216GBPS Makkan Shah Ji Wasi (Combined)5594941053
217GBPS Sher Muhammad Thorha (Combined)9819191900
218GGPS Sher Muhammad Thorha (Combined)8247961620
219GBPS Darya Khan Dahri (Combined)5714801051
220GGMS Oderolal Village (Male)130301303
221GGMS Oderolal Village (Female)011921192
222GBPS Abu Bakar Moroja (Male)3800380
223GBPS Abu Bakar Moroja(Female)0370370
224GBPS Khidryoon (Combined)426380806
225GGPS Bhiryoon @ GBMS Pinyo Khidri (Combine)5775441121
226GBPS Mitho Khoso (Combined)415445860
227GBPS Muhammad Ali Khan Khushk (Combined)5986391237
228GBPS Usman Khoso (Combined)357279636
229GBPS Ghulam Shah Mari (Combined) (Improvise)7326301362
230GBPS Khalifo Yar Muhammad (Combined)312273585
231GBPS Arzi Hakro (Combined)8316561487
232GGPS Whab Shah (Combined)8447511595
233GBPS Dhalo Khaskhali (Combined).450415865
234GBPS Muhammad Abra (Combined)9227141636
235GHS Tahir Hingoro (Combined)5926451237
236GBPS Nobat Mari (Combined)481495976
237GBPS Allah Bux Mirjat (Combined)467384851
238GBPS Gamo Mirjat (Combined)7225881310
239GBPS Haji Sher Muhammad Makrani Balouch (Combined)7616871448
240GBPS & GMS Haji Ismail Baloch (Combined)5185231041
241GGPS Hala Haveli (Combined)487449936
242GBPS Haji Khizar Chutto (Combined)5025351037
243GBPS Haji Jumo Khan Makrani Baloch (Combined).468347815
244GBPS Parsi Farm (Combined)512457969
245Irrigation Bungalow (Deh Dari Mori (Combined)119510492244
246BGPS- Ajan Shah (Combined)6126031215
247GBPS- Wasi Murad Shah (Combined)8027291531
248GBPS- Saleem Rahu (Combined)9828451827
249GBPS- Allah Dino Chand (Combined).5624641026
250GBPS-Mehmood Thaheem (Combined)8107281538
251Basic Health Unit, Fakir Noohthiani (Male)9630963
252GBLSS, Fakir Noohthiani (Female)0817817
253GPS Dost Muhammad Dahri (Combined)9748771851
254GBPS Darya Khan Talpur (Combined)9819011882
255GBPS Punhoon Sahowal (Combined).8156801495
256UC Office Fakir Noohthani @ Khandu Road (Combined)5524971049
257GBPS- Gul Sehto (Combined)6646141278
258GBPS- Col: Hashmi (Combined).6446001244
259GBPS Khyber (Male)132701327
260GBHS, Khyber (Female)012771277
261GPMS Idress (Adur) Fakir (Combined)6005181118
262GBPS-Agham Wassan ( Combine)6686731341
263GBPS Bachal Waryah (Combined)430401831

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