NA 162 Result By Election Sahiwal – PMLN Wins

NA 162 Sahiwal/Chichawatni Result – Ch. Tufail Wins

Chichawatni Sahiwal (Monday, Sept 19, 2016) – Polling for NA-162 sahiwal-3 held today. This seat of MNA was vacated on the disqualification of PTI member Mr. Rai Hassan Nawaz Khan. He is central leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. If THis seat again wins by PTI then he will get some sign of relief. And otherwise if Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz clinched this by election, then PTI morality will be more down. As Imran Khan has announced another March. This time he is going to Raiwaind instead of Islamabad D Chowk.

Polling Station Wise By Election Result is as follows:-

Result Updated at 10:10 PM

Polling Station # 8 Result :- PMLN win by 14 Votes :- PMLN’s Tufail JuttVotes = 158, PTI’s Rai Murtaza Votes = 144

Polling Station # 27 Chak No.11/L Result :- PMLN wins :- PMLN’s Tufail Jutt Votes = 221, PTI’s Rai Murtaza Votes = 191, PPP’s Shahzad Saeed Cheema Votes = 210

Result Summary

(Result announced of Polling Stations  293/293)

Ch. Muhammad Tufail (PMLN) Votes = 67220 (Winner)

Rai Murtaza Iqbal Khan (PTI) Votes = 61125

Ch. Shehzad Saeed Cheema (PPP) Votes = 15442


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