NA 63 Jhelum – Detail of Areas, Polling Stations and Candidates

NA 63 Jhelum – Detail of Areas, Polling Stations and Candidates


Areas of Constituency
Ch Sarwar with Ch Fawad Hussain - NA 63 Jhelum(a) Pinddadan Khan Tehsil; (b) The following areas of Jhelum Tehsil; (i) Darapur OH Jhelum-II OH excluding Langar Pur PC; (iii) Saeela PC of Jhelum-1 QH and (Iv) Jhelum Cantt. and (c) The following areas of Jhelum Municipality Charge No.7; (ii) Charge No.8; (iii) Block Nos.6 & 7 of Circle No.1 of Charge No. 5; (iv) Block Nos.9 & 10 of Circle No.2 of Charge No. 5;
(v) Block Nos. 1,2 & 6 of Circle No.3 of Charge No.5; (vi) The following Southern Part of Charge No.fc-From Jada Chwrk alongside new G.T Road towards Overhead bridge upto building Haji Badaruddin, Gali No.2 (Dr. Hafeez Wali) Mujahidabad and from building Haji Badaruddin, Gati No.2 (Dr. Hafeez Wali) to Al-Minhas Clinic Railway line. Then from Al-Minhas Clinic to overhead Railway bridge alongside Railway line and from this points to alongside boundary wall of ESD Workshop upto old G.T Road and then alongside G.T Road upto starting point Jada Chowk(covering the areas of Circle Nos.3 84 and Mod( No.5 complete and blocks Nos.3 & 4 partially of Circle No.2 of Charge No.6) of District Jhelum.
Date of Issuance of revised Schedule = 01.08.2016, Polling Day = 31.08.2016

Polling Station and Polling Staff Details:-

Presiding officers = 314, Assistant Presiding officers =  974,  Polling Officers  = 974

Total Voters:-
Total Registered voters = 427757, Male Voters = 229357, Female Voters = 198400,

Polling Stations:-

Total Polling stations = 314,  Male Polling Stations = 95,  Female Polling Station= 95, Combined polling stations = 124.

Total Polling Booths = 974, Male Polling Booths= 513, Female Polling booths = 461

District Administration/Management:-
Name designation of officers Telephone # Cell # District Returning Officer Mr. Kamran Hussain, DEC, Khushab 0544-9270074 0333-5902513 Returning Officer Mr. Khurshid Alam, District Election Commissioner 0544-9270073 0333-5177105 Assistant Returning Officers Raja Shamriaz Ahmed 05449270213 0345-5695675 Assistant Returning Officers Mr.Muhammad Ashraf 0544-210503 0333-4288876 Assistant Returning Officers Ms. Kanwal Batool 0544-9270077 0300-0900021 Commissioner Mr. Azmat Mehmood Commissioner, RWP 051-9292507 0304-0920052 OCO, Jhelum. Mr. lqbal Hussain Khan 0544-9270081 0304-0920071 D.P.O. Jhelum Mr. Mujahid Akbar Khan 0544-9270042 0300-9521434

Candidates List

Sr. No. Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation

1. Raja Matloob Mehdi (PMLN)

2. Jahangeer Mahmood MirzaJhelumi  (PPPP)

3. Ch. Fawad Hussain (PTI)

4. Diwan Hashmat Hayat (Independent)

NA 63 Detail
NA 63 Detail

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