Orange Line Metro Train Lahore Route Map (Final and Complete)

Orange Line Metro Train Lahore Route Map (Final and Complete)

Lahore (Monday, April 20, 2015) – All arrangement for the final contract for Metro Train Lahore has been finalized between Pakistan and China. Today MoU signing ceremony will be held. Railway track will be 27.1 Kilometers long with 26 Stations. Project will consist of Seven Phases given bellow:-

Phase 1 = City Billing yard Raiwind Road to Thokar Niaz Baig with station at Ali Town

Phase 2 =Thokar Niaz Baig to Chowburji Chowk on Multan Road with Stations at Scheme More & Chowk Yateem Khana.

Phase 3 =Chowburji to GPO Chowk Mall Road unning along Lake Road, Edward Road and Ustaad Allah Bakhsh Road with Stations at MAO College and Jain Mundar.

Phase 4 =GPO Chowk to Qila Gojar Singh on Macload Road with station at Lakshmi Chowk.

Phase 5 =Qila Gojjar Singh to Bohar Wala Chowk on Nickelson Road with Station at Lahore City Railway Station.

Phase 6 =Bohar Chowk to Sultanpura on Railway Line (No Station)

Phase 7 =Sultan Pura Cooperative Store to Dera Gujjraan on G.T. Road with Stations at UET, Mughalpura, Shalimar Garden, Pakistan Mint and Dera Gujraan.

Lahore Metro Train Route Map
Lahore Metro Train Route Map

22 thoughts on “Orange Line Metro Train Lahore Route Map (Final and Complete)

  1. Dear sirs,

    I would like to know wether the Orange Line will pass through McLeod Road ( The Motorcycle Market) from Lahore Hotel to Zimindar Hotel and Railway Station.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Salim Hasan

      1. No. It won’t pass from Lahore hotel to Zimindar hotel. Instead it will be diverted from Lakshami chowk to Nickelson Road.

  2. Mr CM we really proud to you make this project for Pakistan.
    every true Pakistani with you on this project.
    You do and we with you.
    I am proud too b a pakistani.

  3. We at Lahore railway station its suggested station is coming on the Industrial machine parts Market Association, Homeopathic medicon markeet Association, Car dealers Association Lahore. All of our shops coming under this statiom plz use Governments huge Areas of Haji camp or Bougi road either. Plz considre this we know that PMLN is a Traders Friendly party and they will consider this seriously in both cases we are with this project. THANKS.

  4. I have a hardware shop at sechme more plz r they going to aquire land for metro train like before.they quire 15 feet from my properti plz help me out let me know they r taking more space for metro or not

  5. being pakistani, we feel proud because Mr.Shahbaz Sharif is visionary chief minsiter of Punjab.
    can you tell me the starting and completion date of this project.

  6. Sir, i want to know weather Orange train route Edward Road.Meaning that Underpass route acquire land near Income tax House , Tauheed Centre or not.

  7. kindly tell me that orange lane train will pass through dharampura or its nearest areas or they will cause any change on the main road of dharampura like 15 feet space they want ?? ?

  8. Dear cm do u realized that orange line train should attach throug ralway station with metro bus at azadi inter change and then by north lahore (china scheme shad baagh) and then sing pura GT ROAD b caz of they people r true lover of pmln n asking some major development.

  9. it z a very nice project. i’d like to travel from Lahore to Changsha in china, so can i travel by this train

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