PK-8 Peshawar Polling Stations List for By Election 2016

PK-8 Peshawar Polling Stations List for By Election 2016

In Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) by election of PK-8 Peshawar are being held on Thursday, May 12, 2016. Candidates of PTI, ANP, JUI-F, PPP, PMLN and rah e haq party are contesting for this by poll. There are 18 candidates in run.

Total Polling Stations = 98

Total Voters (Males+Females) = 133467

PK-8 Peshawar Area Map
PK-8 Peshawar Area Map

Polling Station List

Serial No.Address of Polling StationsTotal Votes
1Govt Primary School Bela Mohmandan (M)1207
2BHU Qilla Shah Baig (Male) PS-I1704
3BHU Qilla Shah Baig (Male) PS-II999
4Govt High School Belah Mohmandan (Female) PS-I1763
5Govt High School Belah Mohmandan (Female) PS-II607
6Government High School Shaghali Payan (Male) PS-I (P)1432
7Govt Girls Primary School Payari Payan (Combined)979
8Government High School Shagali Payan (Female) PS-II (P)991
9Govt Primary School Wazir Killi (Combined)1147
10Government Primary School Jogani (Combined) (P)477
11Govt Middle School Sarkhana (Combined)1486
12Government High School Takht Abad Awal (Male) (P)1826
13Govt Primery School Takht Abad Awal (Female)1306
14BHU Takht Abad (Combined)1610
15Government Primary School Jatti Bala No.1 (M) (P)1413
16Government Girls Primary School Jatti Bala (F)1089
17Government Primary School Mamo Khatki (Male) (P)1847
18Government Primary School Khwaji Payan (Combined) (P)720
19Govt Primary School Dang Lakhta Payan (Combined)752
20Government Middle School Karyana (Combined)957
21Govt Middle School Nelavi (Combined)1097
22Government Primary School Naimi (Combined) (P)1301
23Govt Primary School Banda Payan (Combined)358
24Government High School Bela Baramad Khel (Male) (P)1365
25Govt Primary School Bela Baramad Khel No.2 (Female)1024
26Government Primary School Shagi Bala (Male) (P)1142
27Government Girls High School Shagi Bala (Female) (P)890
28Government Primary School Bhatiyan (Male) (P)802
29Govt Primery School Melugan (Male)773
30Government Girls Primary School Bhatiyan (Female) (P)692
31GGPS Melugan (Female)554
32Government Girls Primary School Khatkai (Female) (P)1484
33Government High School Garhi Karim Dad (Combined)1187
34BHU Saeed Abad (Naquman) (M)1812
35Govt Primary School Esa Khel Hamid (F)1449
36Government Primary School Bunyadi (Male) (PS-I)1525
37Government Primary School Bunyadi (Female) PS-II (P)1164
38Government Primary School Dab (Combined)1802
39Government Primary School Kariri (Combined) (P)1803
40Govt Primary School Harsabadin (Combined)1227
41Government Primary School Gul Abad (Combined) (P)2521
42Government Primary School Ali Zai (Combined)1963
43Government Girls Primary School Nisata (Combined)810
44Govt Primary School Hassan Abad (Combined)810
45Government Primary School Choley Bala (Male) PS-I (P)2230
46Government Primary School Choley Bala (Female) PS-II (P)1584
47Govt Primery School Pajjagi (M)1101
48Government Girls Primary School Pajjagi Garhi Subat Khan (Male) (P)3199
49Government Girls Primary School Pajjagi (Female) (P)2193
50Government Middle School Deh Faqir Garhi Fazil (Female)2729
51BHU Deh Faqir Garhi Fazil (Male) PS-I1099
52BHU Deh Faqir Garhi Fazil (Male) PS-II2316
53Government Primary School Isa Khel Topchian (Male)1590
54Government Girls Community Model School Isa Khel Topchian (Female)1006
55Government Primary School (Khadra Khel) (Combined)2569
56BHU Mandra Khel (Combined)2238
57Govt Girls Primary School Qader Abad (Combined)746
58Govt Primary School Garhi Shah Muhammad ( C )529
59Government Primery School Haryana Payan (M) PS-I1777
60Govt High School Haryana Bala (C)311
61Government Girls Primary School Haryana Payan (Female)1279
62GMPS Garhi Imran No.2 (Combined)941
63Government Primary School Khazana Bala (Male) PS-I (P)1323
64Government Primary School Khazana Bala (Female) PS-II (P)947
65Government Primary School Khazana Payan (M) PS-I1392
66Govt Primary School Khazana Payan (M) PS-II902
67Govt Primary School Khanzana Payan (F) PS-III1539
68Govt Primary School Toda No.1 (M) (P)1694
69Govt Middle School Toda (Male)743
70Govt Girls Primary School Toda (Female)1654
71Govt Primary School Wahid Garhi (Male) PS-1 (P)1767
72Govt Girls Primary School Wahid Garhi (Female) PS-I1255
73Govt Primary School Toda No.2 (Combined) (P)3012
74Government Primary School Khazana Sugar Mills (Combined) (P)1450
75Government Primery School Haryana Payan (Combined) PS-II1990
76Government Girls Middle School Haryana Payan (Combined) (P)1415
77Government High School Nachapa Payan (Male) PS-I (P)2346
78Government Primery School Nachapa Payan (F) (P)1613
79Government Primary School Ram Kishan (M)(P) PS-I848
80Government Girls Primery School Muslim Abad (F)575
81Government Primary School Ram Kishan (Combined) PS-II (P)1218
82Government Middle School Khazana Sugar Mills (M) (P)968
83Govt Primary School Sewan (Female)695
84Government Primary School Haryana Payan (Combined) PS-III (P)1104
85Government High School Larama (Female) (P) PS-I1703
86Government High School Larama (Female) (P) PS-II982
87Govt Girls High School Larama (M) PS-I (P)1393
88Govt Girls High School Larama (F) PS-II (P)692
89Govt Primary School New Garhi Bakhshi Pul (M) PS-I1915
90Govt Primary School New Garhi Bakhshi Pul PS-II (Female)1002
91Govt Primary School Larama (M) PS-I2621
92Govt Primary School Larama (M) PS-II1543
93GPS-Shagi Handkian (M-P-I)1706
94GGPS-Shagi Hindkian,(F)-P-I1078
95Govt Primary School Shagi Handkian (Male) PS-II1549
96Government Girls Primary School Shagi Hindkian (Female)PS-II936
97Government Primary School Military Farm Jaba Jheel (Combined)527
98Govt Primary School No.1 Garhi Balouch (Combined)2066

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