PP 232 Burewala Vehari – Detail of Areas, Polling Stations and Candidates

PP 232 Vehari – Detail of Areas, Polling Stations and Candidates


Constituency Areas Details
(i) Sheikh Fazil (ii) 215/EB (iii) Umerpur excluding the following Patwar (a) Chak No. 267/EB (b) Chak No. 287/EB (iv) Gaggo Mandi Q.H excluding the 255/EB Patwar Circle of Vehari District. Date of Issuance of revised Schedule: 01.08.2016, Polling Day: 31.08.2016

POLLING PERSONNEL Who are Responsible for Holding Peaceful Voting Process as per Law

Polling Staff
Presiding officers = 157 Assistant Presiding officers = 365, Polling Officers = 365, Naib Qasid =  45

Registered Voters:-

Total registered voters = 191092, (Male Voters= 109181 , Female Voters = 81911)

Polling Stations:-

Total Polling stations = 157 (males= 46 , Female= 45, Combined= 66 )

Total Polling Booths = 365 (Male= 201, Female= 164 )

District Administration Vehari

Imran Khan talking with Women of Jutt family in Gaggo Mandi jalsa
Imran Khan talking with Women of Jutt family in Gaggo Mandi jalsa

NAME1DESIGNATION OF OFFICERS. TELEPHONE NO. CELL NO. I District Returning Officer Joint Provincial Election Commissioner, Punjab, Late. 042-99211017 0321-6494309 Returning Officer District Election Commissioner, Vehari. Assistant Returning Officers 1. Mr. Ahmir Sohail Kaify, Assistant Commissioner, Burewala. 2. Mr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Deputy District Education Officer (Elementary Male), Burewala. 067-9200108 067-9200187 0321.2929429 0300-7299855 Commissioner,Multan Capt. Rtd. Mad Ullah Khan. 061-9200044-48 0304-0920055 DCO, Vehari. Rana Muhammad Salaam Acting. 067-9201032-33 0301-8683222 D.P.O. Vehari. Ghazi Muhammad Salah-ud.Din. 067-3363244 0321-8551515

Candidate List in PP-232 Gaggo Mandi

SI. No. Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation

1. Choudhary Arsalan Shoukat Kaselia. Independent

2. Choudhary Tahir Naqqash Jutt. Independent Independent

3. Choudhry Abid Ali Kaselia.

4. Choudhary Abdul Saboor Arain Advocate. Pakistan Kisan Itehad

5. Choudhary Ghulam Mustafa Jutt. Independent

6. Choudhary Muhammad Yousaf Kaselia. PML(N)

7. Mohtarma Aysha NazirJult. PTI

8. Muhammad Rafiq Nizami Advocate. Independent Independent

9. Mina Mehboob Rabani.

10. Malik Rashid Faraaz Awan. Independent

11. Nazeer Ahmad Basil. Independent.

PP 232 Detail 1

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