PP-97 Gujranwala Election – PTI Jalsa in Ghakhar Mandi

PP-97 Gujranwala Election – PTI Jalsa in Gakkar Mandi

Gujranwala (News Update / Monday, June 15, 2015) – Re-Poll in 33 Polling Stations are being held on the PP-97 Constituency on Sunday, June 21, 2015.

Pakistan Muslim League Candidate contesting on Tiger election symbol and PTI Supported Candidate contesting on PLM-Q Election Symbol of Bicycle are contesting.

Today Pakistan Tehreek Insaf hold an election rally on GT road Ghkkar Mandi. Sheikh Rasheed, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and other PTI Leaders addressed the election rally.

Imran Khan Message for PTI workers in PP 97 Gujranwala
Imran Khan Message for PTI workers in PP 97 Gujranwala

History oF Ghakhar Mandi

Ghakhar Mandi is a town in the Gujranwala District of Pakistan. It is located between the Gujranwala to the southeast and Wazirabad to the northwest. It is central to 33 villages, and the home of Pakistan’s second largest electrical grid. Ghakhar Mandi is famous for its carpeting industry. It is also known for its commodities, including rice, wheat, hand made floor mats and carpets. It is also home to a historic railway station. Asia’s oldest road, Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road) passesby here. It was built nearly 2000 years ago by the Maurya Empire and upgraded by Sher Shah Suri and the British Empire.

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