PP-97 Gujranwala Re-Election in 33 Polling Station On 21 June 2015

PP-97 Gujranwala Re-Election in 33 Polling Station Dated 21 June 2015

Islamabad, the 10th June, 2015
No.F.8(22)/2014-Cord(1). – In exercise of powers under section 86A of the Representation of the People Act 1976 (Act No. LXXXV of 1976), the Election Commission hereby authorizes the District Returning Officer and Returning Officer appointed for the conduct of Re -poll at 33 polling stations of Constituency No.PP-97 Gujranwala-VII, scheduled to be held on 21.06.2015 to exercise the powers of the Magistrate First Class under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act No. V of 1898) with immediate effect and until the consolidation and announcement of official
results of above mentioned constituency.
The aforesaid officers shall exercise the powers of Magistrate First Class in respect of the offences punishable under section 80, section 82A, section 83, section 84, section 85, section 86 and section 87(1) of the representation of the People Act 1976, take cognizance of any such offence under any of the clauses of sub -section (1) of section 190 of the said code of criminal procedure and try such an offence in a summary way in accordance with the provisions of the aforesaid Code relating to summary trial.
By order of the Election Commission of Pakistan. (Shabbir Ahmed) Deputy Director (Cord)
To: The Manager, Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press, Islamabad.
[For publication in the Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary (Part -Ill) of today’s date.]

By-Election in PP 97 Gujranwala 21-6-2015
By-Election in PP 97 Gujranwala 21-6-2015

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