PTI UK Intra Party Election Result

PTI Great Britain Intra Party Election Results 2015

London (Saturday, July 4, 2015) – Today intra party election in United Kingdom of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf held. On the slot of President Mian Waheed ul-Rehman Elected. He belongs to United for Peace Panel in London Region.

Following panels participated in the Intra-party Elections:-

1- Naya Pakistan Panel
2- Shaheen Panel
3- Unity East Of England Panel
4- Unity Team Wales Panel
5- United-4-Change Panel
6-  Ideological Panel
7- Azadi Panel
8-Visionary East Of England Panel
9-    Dream Team London Panel
10- Junoon Panel
11- Insaf Workers Front Panel
12- Tigers Yorkshire-Humberside Panel
13- Insaf North West Panel
14- United For Peace Panel
15- Eagles Panel

PTI UK Contesting Panels in Intra Party Elections 2015


Region NameTotal Registered VotersTotal Vote Cast so far
East England1005940
South East897807
North West581524
West Midlands341286
East Midlands263237
West of Scotland235226
East of Scotland192126
South West143116


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