Punjab Rivers Flood Update on Eid Holidays 2015

Punjab Rivers Flood Update on Eid ul Azha Holidays 1436 AH

Lahore (Thursday, September 24, 2015) – In last three days significant heavy rain occurred in all cities of Punjab province.  Catchment areas of River Sindh, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutluj received above the normal rain. Due to this water flow in these rivers increased. Now latest rain spell is vanishing. But in river flood situation from Medium to low and very low is being monitored at major Bridges, Head Works and Barrages.

Current Situation of Water at Major Locations:-

Jhelum River:-

One day before at Mangla Dam the flood level reached at 1.5 lac Cusec. Now it is normal and running at 30000 Cusec. No significant change is expected in next 4 days. While at Rasul Head Works, Water level can reach at 1 lac cusec tomorrow.

Chenab River:-

One day at Marala the Water Flood Level attained 1.6 Lac Cusec. Today at 6:00 AM it was 80000 Cusec. At Khanki Barrage water is flowing 1.5 Lac Cuses, At Qadirabad Head Works it was 1.66 Lac. At Trimmu Head Works (District Jhang) Flood Level is 33000 Cusec. After two days (26-09-2015) Flood level at Trimmu is expected at 1.5 Lac Cusec.

Ravi River:-

Today at 6:00 AM Water Level at Shahdara, Balloki and Sidhnai Head Works are 35000 Cusec, 45000 Cusec and 11000 Cusec. It is expected that Flood Water at Shahdara Lahore will be 40000 to 75000 Cusec, at Khanki It will 50000 to 85000 Cusec and At Sidhnai it will be 10000 to 20000 Cusec in next 24 Hours.

Satluj River:-

Today at 6 AM Water Flood level at Ganda Singh Wala was 12000 Cusec, At Sulemanki it was 20000 Cusec and at Islam Head Works flood level was only 3000 Cusec. No Change is expected in next couple of days.

Pakistan Rivers Flood Routing Model
Pakistan Rivers Flood Routing Model

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