Indus River Flood Update 2015

Flood Update 2015 of River Sindh

Karachi (Tuesday, July 28, 2015) – River Sindh id largest River Water System of the Pakistan. it started from the mountains of Skardu Gilgit Balistan and ends at Sindh Province in Arabian Sea.

River Sindh Travels through following location / Area / Barrages:-

Skardu, Partab Bridge, Giligit City, Chilas, Besham, Tarbela Dam, kalabagh District Mianwalai, Chashma barrage, Taunsa Sharif Head Works District Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Mithan Kot, Guddu Barrage, Sukkur Barrage and Kotri barrage. after this it meet with Arabian Sea.

Daily Flood Status Report:- (Water Flow Unit in Cusec)

July 2015

27/07/2015 Tarbela= 450000,Kalabagh=466000 ,Chashma=452000 ,Taunsa=390000 ,Guddu=513000 ,Sukkur=466000 ,Kotri=161000
28/07/2015 Tarbela= 363000,Kalabagh=474000 ,Chashma=535000 ,Taunsa=393000 ,Guddu=570000 ,Sukkur=508000 ,Kotri=169000
29/07/2015 Tarbela= 356000,Kalabagh=440000 ,Chashma=513000 ,Taunsa=450000 ,Guddu=550000 ,Sukkur=538000 ,Kotri=182000
30/07/2015 Tarbela= 354000,Kalabagh=415000 ,Chashma=480000 ,Taunsa=531000 ,Guddu=524000 ,Sukkur=538000 ,Kotri=190000
31/07/2015 Tarbela= 362000,Kalabagh=395000 ,Chashma=456000 ,Taunsa=526000 ,Guddu=585000 ,Sukkur=540000 ,Kotri=203000

August 2015

1/8/2015 Tarbela= 366000,Kalabagh=426000 ,Chashma=451000 ,Taunsa=526000 ,Guddu=722000 ,Sukkur=584000 ,Kotri=218000
Indus River Route Map Skardu (GB) to Kotri (Sindh)
Indus River Route Map Skardu (GB) to Kotri (Sindh)


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