Rohtas Fort Tehsil Dina District Jhelum

Introduction of Rohtas Fort District Jhelum
Rohtas Fort is located in Tehsil Dina District Jhelum. It is some 8 kilometers away from Grand Trunk Road (G.T.Road). It was built on the order of Sher Shah Suri in 1541 A.H. His Original name was Farid Khan. He was born in Hissar some 160 KM away from Delhi. He also founder of Grant Trunk (G.T) Road. Which is 2500 Kilometers long stretching from Bangladesh to Afghanistan (Chittagong to Kabul). It also passes through India and Pakistan.
Rohtas Fort is the only surviving example of pre-Mughal military architecture. It has 4 KM fortification wall, built in two to three tiers. It is also fortified by 68 semi circular bastions and 11 arched gateways.
Overlooking Kahan River from the western ramparts has 4 Gates:-
Kabuli Gate, Shishi Gate, Langar Khani Gate and Talaqi Gate
On northern side it has 3 Gates:-
Kashmiri Gate, Khawas Khani Gate and Gatiali Gate
On Tilla Hills Side 2 Gates:-
Sohail Gate and Sar Gate
On Eastern side it has 2 more Gates:-
Tulla Mori Gate
Pippalwala Gate
Twelvth Gate is located in inner side called Shah Chand wali Gate.
Original Buildings Survives Still are:-
Shahi Mosque
Haveli Maan Singh Wali
3 deep-step wells

Map of Fort Rohtas Jhelum Pakistan
Map of Fort Rohtas Jhelum Pakistan

Picture Gallery of Fort Rohtas


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