Sehra e Madina Sher Shah Multan – Location Map

Sehra e Madina Sher Shah Multan – Location Map

Multan (Thursday, September 15, 2016) – Today night at around 02:30 AM, An tragic incident of collision between a fright railway train and Awami Express going to Karachi occurred.  The location was at Buchh Railway Station Near Sher Shah and Sehra e Madina (Place Where Annual Ijtima of Dawat-e-Islami held few years ago).  The “Maal Gari” was staying there already due to death of an passerby. The Driver of Awam Express did not noticed the signal and Train accidentally collide with the “Mall Gari”.

At-least 6 Persons Died and more than 50 injured due to this tragic accident.

Shujabad, Chak RS and Sher Shah Railway Stations are located near the accident Place.

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