Senate of Pakistan Logo Changes to House of Federation

Senate of Pakistan Logo Changes to House of Federation

Islamabad (News Update / Wednesday, May 6th 2015) – Today Upper House of Pakistan has approved the change of logo of Senate. Now New logo of Senate will be Text of “House of Federation” instead of Senate of Pakistan.

House of Federation will written bellow the logo of Senate.

Purpose of Senate

main purpose for the creation of the Senate of Pakistan was to give equal representation to all the federating units since the membership of the National Assembly was based on the population of each province. Equal provincial membership in the Senate, thus, balances the provincial inequality in the National Assembly and dispels doubts and apprehension, if any, regarding deprivation and exploitation.

Composition of Senate

Provinces / TerritoriesGeneralTechnocrats / UlemaWomenNon-MuslimsTotal
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa1444123
Federal Capital2114
Grand TOTAL6617174104

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