Shahbaz Sharif Rural Roads Program Inaugurated

Khadim e Punjab (Shahbaz Sharif) Daihi Roads Program Inaugurated

Lahore/Kasur (Monday, April 6th, 2015) – Chief Minister of Punjab has inaugurated the largest Programme of Rural Roads Network in Punjab Province. This biggest development project in the history of Pakistan. All Roads running between villages, Town and Cities will be upgraded. Total Cost of this mega project is Rs. 150 Billion. While in current fiscal year of 2014-2015 almost twenty billions rupees has been allotted to built 2000 kilometers long roads.

Yesterday Shahbaz Sharif started this project while inaugurating road in district Kasur at Sooai Aasil. This road connects Ludheke Bhullar to Pando. Minimum width of roads will be 12 Feet, While Shoulders of 6 feet on each side of road will increased total width of road to 24 feet. This program will be completed in three year of the period.

Government of Punjab will give prizes and certificates to best contractors, Engineers and workers on their performance and quality of work.

This project has been started in all districts of Punjab simultaneously including D.G. Khan, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Bhakkar, Gujjar Khan (Rawalpindi), Mianwali, Gujrat and Hafizabad.

Main Features of Project:-

Total Cost of Project = Rs. 150 billions

Period of Project = 3 years

Width of Carpeted Road = 12 Feet

Total Width of Road with Shoulders = 24 Feet

Third party Audit for Transparency

Khadim e Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Rural (Dehi) Roads Program
Khadim e Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Rural (Dehi) Roads Program


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