Swat Motorway Proposed Route Map

Swat Motorway Proposed Route Map

Peshawar (Wednesday, June 10, 2015) – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Highway Authority’s managing Director Mr. Ejaz Yousufzai has told that it will be first motorway project of KPK government. It will link central districts of province with his northern districts. Five interchange will be built on this motorway.

Route Map Areas:-

Swabi, mardan, Sakhakot, Dargai, Mingora, Saidu Sharif (Swat)

It will join Swat, Dir, Buner and Shangla Districts. it is worth mentioned here that Swat Motorway Expressway will reach Mingora through Chakdara and Batkhela.

Statistics of Swat Motorway (Express)

Leangh of Road = 81 Kilometers

No. of Lanes = 2 with service road

Starting Point = Sher Khan Interchange at M1 Peshawar-Islamabad

Cost of Land = 3.9 billion rupees


Swat Motorway Route Map Proposed
Swat Motorway Route Map Proposed
Swat Motorway Project
Swat Motorway Project


16 thoughts on “Swat Motorway Proposed Route Map

    1. Fucking, They are big cheater in this country… you can see, its the same highway of n45 and n95…. So why they just want to put people in more trouble as this highway is recently constructed…

      I cannot bear more trouble when the contractors are using public vehicles to press the contruction matrials.

      Go to hell, all of you

  1. Why don’t they take the route through Charguli up north through Buner(not shown) through Barikot and onwards to Mingora… that’s a much shorter route!

    1. Agree with you. But the cm said 2 years back that it will be constructed in three years. Now what a joke, was it while people are still ignorant from it’s route. There is no information about it’s route, except exacerbation that it will join 1001 districts of kp.

  2. malakand division (upper) is full hilly area. there is no land in the upper MKD division. avilable land is the only source of food of the people of MKD division (upper). after this project the people of this area will constrain to migrate (P UNJAB) for FOOD & SERVICES. This project will increas powerty in thise area.

  3. That’s totally ridiculous. It should be from col sher interchange ,rustam to barikot as in the malakand district there is abandon land which is used for agriculture purpose or production of fruits already .if u started building motorways for the sake of your own mean purpose. It’s no use for malakand district people and we totally reject this scheme.

    1. Thanks and no thanks for your concern about agriculture. This route is facilitating district Dir also. Do not behave like punjabhies! Ignoring other provinces only thinking about themselves! 🙂

  4. The rute has changed and the most cultivated land of tehsil katlang will be suffered.we request to govt of kpk to help the effected people through sufficient price to adjust themselves in the other part of the country

  5. It should be connect to rashaki interchange for people going to peshawar from swat.
    Its rout is lengthy for people going peshawar.
    There must be an interchange near rashaki or join straight with islamabad peshawar motorway in mardan.

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