Tehsil Khanewal UCs and Wards in LB Election 2015

Union Councils in Tehsil Khanewal (83-117 UCs of District Council Khanewal)

Following is the list of Union Councils and Wards exist in Tehsil Khanewal District Khanewal. In these areas local body / local govt elections are being held on November 19, 2015. All arrangements are final . Parties and candidates are holding corner meetings and public rallies to attract the public for Votes. PPP, PMLN and PTI are main contestants.  Result of all UCs and wards will be announced at evening of polling day.

Union Council NumbersName of Areas / Villages and Chakook
UC 83Chak No.16/V, Chak No.15/V, Chak No.19/V, Chak No.17/V, Basti Kot Madina
UC 84Chak No.12/AH, Chak No.11/AH, Chak No.12/AH, Rakh Makhdum Venoi
UC 85Chak No.10/AH, Chak No.8/V, Chak No.9/V, Chak No.7/AH, Chak No.6/AH
UC 86Chak No.4/AH, Chak No.3/AH, Chak No.1/AH, Chak No.5/AH, Chak No.2/AH
UC 87Makhdum Pur Pahoran City-I, Makhdum Pur Deh
UC 88Makhdum Pur Pahoran City-2, Kot Abdullah
UC 89Chak No.11-A/8-R, Chak No.11/B8-R, Chak No.11/A8-R, Chak No.8/A8-R, Chak No.11/8-R, Chak No.12/8-R, Chak No.13/8-R
UC 90Chak No.14/8-R, Chak No.9/9-R, Chak No.8/B8-R, Chak No.10/8-R, Chak No.15/8-R
UC 91Chak No.4/8-AR, Chak No.6/9-R, Chak No.4/9-R, Chak No.2/9-R, Chak No.3/9-R, Chak No.18/9-R
UC 92Chak No.16/9-R, Chak No.17/9-R, Chak No.5/9-R
UC 93Chak No.7/9-R, Chak No.8/9-R, Chak No.15/9-R
UC 94Chak No.14/9-R (Battian Wala), Chak No.13/9-R, Zakheera Khanewal
UC 95Chak No.19/9-R
UC 96Chak No.23/10-R, Chak No.22/10-R, Chak No.21/10-R, Chak No.24/10-R, Chak No.25/10-R
UC 97Chak No.36/10-R, Chak No.35/10-R, Chak No.37/10-R, Chak No.38/10-R, Chak No.40/10-R, Chak No.39/10-R
UC 98Chak No.30/10-R, Chak No.26/10-R, Chak No.34/10-R, Chak No.33/10-R
UC 99Chak No.27/10-R, Chak No.25-A/10-R, Chak No.28/10-R, Chak No.29/10-R, Chak No.31/10-R, Chak No.32/10-R
UC 100Chak No.80/10-R, Chak No.79/10-R
UC 101Chak No.76/10-R, Chak No.77/10-R, Chak No.78/10-R, Chak No.81/10-R, Chak No.82/10-R
UC 102Chak No.86/10-R, Chak No.88-A/10-R, Chak No.83/10-R, Chak No.85/10-R, Chak No.75/10-R, Chak No.87/10-R
UC 103Chak No.72/10-R, Chak No.91-A/10-R, Chak No.91/10-R
UC 104Chak No.70/10-R, Chak No.68/10-R,   Chak No.71/10-R, Chak No.67/10-R, Chak No.67-A/10-R
UC 105Chak No.41/10-R, Chak No.42/10-R, Chak No.42-A/10-R
UC 106Chak No.78/15-L, Chak No.79/15-L, Chak No.80/15-L, Chak No.82/15-L
UC 107Chak No.81/15-L, Chak No.65/15-L, Chak No.66/15-L, Chak No.77/15-L
UC 108Chak No.70/15-L, Chak No.68/15-L, Chak No.69/15-L, Chak No.75/15-L, Chak No.76/15-L, Chak No.76-A/15-L
UC 109Chak No.72-73/15-L, Chak No.74-B/15-L, Chak No.74-A/15-L
UC 110Chak No.74/15-L, Chak No.75-A/15-L, Chak No.75-B/15-L, Chak No.76-B/15-L, Chak No.78-A/15-L, Chak No.78-B/15-L
UC 111Chak No.45/10-R, Chak No.44/10-R, Chak No.43/10-R, Chak No.64/10-R, Chak No.66/10-R, Chak No.63/10-R
UC 112Chak No.58/10-R, Chak No.62/10-R, Chak No.47/10-R, Chak No.46/10-R
UC 113Chak No.73/10-R, Chak No.59/10-R, Chak No.60/10-R, Chak No.65/10-R, Chak No.94/10-R, Chak No.96-A/10-R
UC 114Chak No.92/10-R, Chak No.74/10-R, Chak No.93/10-R, Chak No.167/10-R
UC 115Chak No.166/10-R, Chak No.161/10-R, Chak No.161-A/10-R, Chak No.162/10-R, Chak No.171/10-R
UC 116Chak No.170/10-R, Chak No.169/10-R, Chak No.164/10-R, Chak No.172/10-R, Chak No.176/10-R
UC 117Bherowal, Nanak Pur, Chak No.20/V, Hayat Pur
Map Tehsil Khanewal in District Khanewal Complete - LG Election Results 2015
Map Tehsil Khanewal in District Khanewal Complete – LG Election Results 2015

List and results of wards in Municipal Committee Khanewal City (44 wards)

Ward NumbersAreas Name (Urban) / Winner Candidates with Party
Ward No 1SirajiaTown /
Ward No 2Basti Farid Abad /
Ward No 3Old Khanewal /
Ward No 4Khayaban Town /
Ward No 5Kot Dost Muhammad /
Ward No 6Khalil Abad /
Ward No 7Basti Chan Shah /
Ward No 8Lakar Mandi /
Ward No 9Islam Park, Lakar Mandi /
Ward No 10Block No.4 /
Ward No 11Block No.5 /
Ward No 12Azeem Town /
Ward No 13Block No.10 /
Ward No 14Block No.14 /
Ward No 15Colony No.1 /
Ward No 16Nizam Abad /
Ward No 17Hakeem Abad /
Ward No 18Railway Loco Shed /
Ward No 19Peoples Colony /
Ward No 20Khurram Pura /
Ward No 21Khokhar Abad /
Ward No 22Abbas Nagar /
Ward No 23Madina Town /
Ward No 24Jaswant Nagar /
Ward No 25Colony No.3-1 /
Ward No 26Colony No.1 /
Ward No 27Block No.9 Tariq Abad /
Ward No 28Green Town /
Ward No 29Civil Line /
Ward No 30Jinnah Town Makki Masjid /
Ward No 31Colony No.3-11 /
Ward No 32Jamia Saeedia /
Ward No 33Kot Bir Bal /
Ward No 34Mohallah Rehmani /
Ward No 35Green Town /
Ward No 36Kot Aala Singh /
Ward No 37Chak No.168/10-R-I /
Ward No 38Chak No.168/10-R-II /
Ward No 39Chak No.88/10-R /
Ward No 40Chak No.90/10-R /
Ward No 41Zahoor Abad /
Ward No 42Chak No.84/10-R /
Ward No 43Dengian Pullan /
Ward No 44Khanewal Kohna /

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