Today Chenab River Flood Update 10 August 2016 After Noon

Today Chenab River Flood Update 10 August 2016 After Noon

Updated Water Gauges at 02:00 PM

Lahore / Sargodha (Wednesday, 10th August 2016 / Flood News) – In River Chenab water level is rising at Trimmu Barrage. At 02:00  O’Clock PM, The Water level at Trimmu head Works District Jhang Was 166000 cusecs at incoming stream. While 153000 cusecs water wad flowing out at downstream.

Qadirabad Barrage:- At Head Qadirabad 75000 Cusecs at Upstream and 58000 Cusecs water was flowing at downstream.

Khanki Barrage:- At Head Khanki 84000 Cusecs at Upstream ans 75000 Cusecs at Downstream.

Head Works Marala:-  87000 Cusecs at Up Stream and 75000 Cusecs at Down Stream.

River Jhelum Flood Update:– In River Jhelum Water Level at Rasool Barrage was 13000 Cusecs at Upstream and 11000 Cusecs ate Down Stream.

About Trimmu Headworks

Trimmu Barrage is a barrage on the River Chenab in Jhang District of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated downstream of the confluence of the River Jhelum and River Chenab. It is situated some 25 km from the city of Jhang near the village of Atharan Hazari where the River Jhelum flows into the River Chenab.

Trimmu Barrage is used to control water flow into the River Chenab for irrigation and flood control purposes.

Trimmu Barrage was constructed between 1937 and 1939 by English engineers. It First Name was Emerson Barrage. Then its name was changed later.

Trimmu Headworks District Jhang
Trimmu Headworks District Jhang

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